Birkhouse Recordings - Live Label Showcase

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    // Jaedia // Inverchoulin // Huw Goodhead // Ben Nigel Potts // Daniel Ruane & Shay //
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  • - - The Bristol-based electronic music label throws the net wider for its debut Manchester showcase, bringing an eclectic lineup to the renowned KRAAK art space. Come gorge on a veritable smörgåsbord of flavours from across the electronic music spectrum. 19:00 - 00:00 KRAAK Studio 3 Faraday St Manchester M1 1BE - - ► J A E D I A ◄ “Totally. Fucking. Ace. An act set to take popular music by storm. And by storm, I mean biblical lightening and tumultuous, apocalyptic thunder” - Music Broke My Bones - - ► I N V E R C H O U L I N ◄ "A hip-hop jazz sampler that will get the head bopping and have the clock stop ticking" - Thats Deck - - ► H U W _ G O O D H E A D ◄ "Reminiscent of Riceboy Sleeps and Jon Hopkins B-sides, mixed with some of Thom Yorke's clockwork percussion. This is truly stunning stuff" - Fear Of Fiction - - ► B E N _ N I G E L _ P O T T S ◄ "Crystal clear and abstracted natural sounds oscillate within their space as the depth perception switches effortlessly from close range to far field" - RwdFwd - - ► D A N I E L _ R U A N E _ & _ S H A Y ◄ "Equal parts ambience and beat with synths and off-centre drum loops emerging from a smoky clutter" - The Wire - - Birkhouse Recordings: Electronic music releases on tape cassette & digital, live events, DJ mixes & video series. [email protected]
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