• MUSIC: HOUSE,TECHNO SHINICHI OSAWA、REALROCKDESIGN、そしてオーガナイザー YASUHIRO ARAKI が主宰するパーティーとして昨年5月にスタートした FLU は、WOMB LOUNGE で隔月第3木曜に行なわれ、平日にも関わらず多くの来場者で賑わいを見せる新たなコンセプトパーティーとしてシーンで密かに話題を集めた。 入口から床面全てにカーペットを敷き詰め“靴を脱いで遊ぶ”という新感覚の提案。そして REALROCKDESIGN による5台のプロジェクターを活かした空間演出は WOMB LOUNGE を異空間へと作り替えた。なにより大沢伸一とゲストアーティストとの新鮮な組合せとそこから生まれるグルーヴは来場者を掴んで離さずパーティーを大いに賑わせてきた。 その FLU が冬の充電期間を経て、この春より再びスタートする。 今年は4月より偶数月の第3木曜日にレギュラー開催を予定しており、2014年1発目のゲストは SUGIURUMN と Just Realize などで活躍中の TAKUYA が登場する。 The party FLU which began last year in May, was supervised by SHINICHI OSAWA、REALROCKDESIGN and the organizer YASUHIRO ARAKI. It was held at the WOMB LOUNGE on the third Thursday of every other month. Despite being held on a weekday, many people attended, and at the scene of the new concept party where you could see the huge turn out, we took note of some of the major happenings. There was the proposal of the new sensual experience, by laying out carpet right from the entrance over the entire floor, and having people kick off their shoes before they kicked it up. Not only that, but thanks to REALROCKDESIGN the WOMB LOUNGE was remade into some kind of other dimension with a space effects presentation that used five projectors. Best of all, SHINICHI OSAWA and a guest artist did a fresh collaboration giving birth to a new groove which rocked everyone there and livened up the party even more. After taking a break to recover during winter, FLU will be starting again from this Spring. This year the party will be held regularly starting April, on every third Thursday of all the even numbered months. The guests for the first party of 2014 will be artists such as SUGIURUMN and Just Realize, with the currently hot TAKUYA making an appearance on stage.
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      DOOR: ¥2000 W/F ¥1500 ※0時までにご来場頂いた方はエントランスフリー(※ドリンクチャージとして500円のみ頂きます)にてご入場いただけます。 ※BEFORE 24:00: ENTRANCE FREE (※EXTRA DRINK CHARGE FOR ENTER ¥500)
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