Cymatic 1 Year Anniversary with Vera // Piticu // Dubtil // Colin Chiddle //

  • Let there be Spring! Colour, sun and happiness. You cant miss our next party - it’s our first anniversary - we will be celebrating 1 year and all of you are our special guests! Let’s dance the night away and then the morning as well… It has been a great first year, we learned a lot, experienced nights of pure bliss, gathered almost 1500 friends on Facebook, hosted four great parties with some amazing artists from different countries & we brought smile to some beautiful faces. All of this leads us to some great plans for this year. To celebrate we now bring you a few of our favourite artists. Vera Vera has such an elegant appearance behind the decks, constantly evolving, guided not by trends but by her impulses, intuition and a special submissive female touch. She has a gentle and passionately way to just be, this is what helps her to create a memorably gig every time. Her roots date back to the early 90’s, the golden era of techno and house. Given this timeless music selection, Vera is a mobile music library who can give us a real lesson about music, mixing, elegance and femininity. For her, a DJ is like a storyteller that sits in front of the audience and starts to narrate memorable stories using only sounds and feelings. As a producer Vera released music on many well-known labels like Hello? Repeat, Perlon and Oslo. Under the alias Mara Trax, Vera collaborated with Maayan Nidam and as a solo artist with Ricardo Villalobos and Federico Molinari. Since 2011 Vera lives and works in Berlin, where she hosts regular nights at her favourite Berlin music club, Club der Visionäre. From her selected discography we recommend you to listen some of her releases and remixes: * Vera & Ricardo Villalobos – Veric EP (12”) Assemble Music 004, 2013 * Mara Trax – Heartbreaker (12”) Cyclical Tracks 009, 2008 * Vera & Federico Molinari – It ain’t music EP (12”) Love Letters from Oslo 001, 2008 * Anonym – untitled 21 (Vera’s down the rabbit hole remix) (digital). Redevice 009. 2009. * Clan Destino – moodsupport (Vera Remix) (12”) Sonido Records 002, 2009 Vera & Federico ▶ VERA [Perlon/Hello?Repeat] Piticu One very well known Romanian artist who has shared the decks with the likes of Rhadoo, Fumya Tanaka, Zip, Cezar, Praslesh, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Nima Gorji, Pedro and many more. His free spirit and responsiveness to music, not to mention his knowledge took him to a whole new dimension where he composes and produces his own unique music. We can easily say that his first and only house is the club, we found him playing in clubs around the world from Kristal Glam Club in Romania to Arma 17 in Moscow or Privilege, Zoo Project and Underground in Ibiza. His passion for music, his dedication and hard work made him who is is – one of the best in the business, he will easily take your breath away once you understand him. ▶ PITICU [Sunrise] Dubtil An amazing talent and one special person who prefers to let his music speak for himself. I’m sure you heard of the NoiDoi project…well Dubtil is Robert, half of the NoiDoi crew. He chooses to follow a road of his own to explore his personal goals – yet he hasn’t giving up the teamwork. Dubtil uses sounds and beats to project what he feels, we can’t wait to experience what this man has got in store for us. ▶ DUBTIL [Sunrise] Colin Chiddle Colin is a born & bred Londoner. DJ and co-founder of the label Art of Dark, recently born from one of London’s most successful new parties. His path into electronic music was from the mid-late 1990's, influenced by US House & Garage as a teenager growing up in North London. Artists such as Tuff Jam, Todd Edwards, Grant Nelson, Jeremy Sylvester, MJ Cole, Groove Chronicles & Todd Terry are who inspired Colin to buy his turntables & learn the craft of mixing records. As time moved, so did Colin's sound. 16 years on & you will find Colin spinning deep, hypnotic House & Techno grooves. A DJ with true love & passion for the original art of DJ'in. We are very pleased to get him onboard for our anniversary – supporting the local talent! ▶ COLIN CHIDDLE [Art of dark]
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