EGG presents: Juan Atkins, Christian Burkhardt, Joey Beltram, Adam X, Markus Fix, Kontort

  • Both floors will be bumping at EGG on May 10th when the now eleven-year-old club invites techno royalty Juan Atkins and Joey Beltram to headline with Konkort, Jay Clarke, Christian Burkhardt and Markus Fix all playing. The Terrace will be hosted by Slash Dot Dash and first up is a true electronic hero. A major electronic music pioneer from Detroit, Juan appeared behind aliases such as Cybotron, Model 500, and Infiniti releasing many classics of Detroit techno. The 1982 electro track "Clear", recorded by Atkins and Rick Davis as Cybotron, is often considered the first proto-techno track. Juan Atkins' music and DJ-ing is deified in Europe and embraced all over the world. Juan has also been prolifically releasing albums, remixes and collaborations on Belgium's R & S Records, Germany's Tresor, and others for more than two decades now. Joining Juan will be another techno institution in the form of Joey Beltram. He released on seminal Belgium label R&S during techno’s early years and is best known for his raw and spasmodic techno track ‘Energy Flash.’ A true pioneer, these two really make for a heavyweight line-upon the Terrace with Jay Clarke and London’s Kontort, who has produced on Toffler Music Entertainment, also playing. Playing the ground floor will be EGG regular Christian Burkhardt. German house and techno artist Burkhardt’s specialty seems to be the quirky, bad­ass strut. His tracks combine funky beats with misshapen vocals and trippy aural flourishes to create something as sinister as it is playful. With remixes and releases for Tsuba, Mobilee, Oslo, and Cocoon in constant rotation, Burkhardt has captured that feeling that may start in a club, but never seems to end there. Inspired by Kraftwerk, Yello and OFF, Markus Fix' interest in electronic sounds started at the tender age of 13, and soon after that, he visited the legendary club "Omen" in Frankfurt for the first time. Several years and many parties later, he founded "Project 2000" and became resident DJ at the "Helium" bar in Frankfurt. Since then, his career rose quickly through the ranks and soon, he was playing at the main room of the Cocoon Club. Meanwhile, Markus Fix has become a trendsetter himself: his releases on the partner labels Cécille Records and Oslo were top sellers and gained enthusiastic reviews worldwide. Also as a DJ, he belongs to the global players and elates both promoters as well as the public!
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  • EGG presents: Juan Atkins, Christian Burkhardt, Joey Beltram, Adam X, Markus Fix, Kontort - Flyer front