Vitamin B presents the Beatslappaz

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    The Beatslappaz Tektite Tim The Enchanter Barney Iller Nate Dark DJ Tinseltown Eric Wallace Adi
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  • Put a B on it, bitchez! Gowanus wasn’t dirty enough for us, so we’re picking up our party and moving it back to Bushwick. If you’re pining for the old House of Yes days (pour one out, homies), our new venue is just a block away. It’s got a killer sound system, badass bartenders, reasonably priced drinks, an ass-normous backyard, and a warehouse vibe that should make you dirty, dirty people feel right at home. Best of all, it’s got not one, but TWO rooms – so we can bring you TWICE AS MANY BEATS! Make sure you bring an extra ass, ‘cause you may not make it through the night with just one. This month, we’re going stupid international and bringing the Beatslappaz ( all the way up from Perth, Australia. Not only do they have panty-dropping accents, they’ve also been tearing it up lately with remixes, original tracks and electrifying mixes. This is their very first-ever gig in the US – so when they inevitably blow the fuck up, you can go all hipster and rub it in everyone’s faces that you saw them in Bushwick way back when. Their label is called Rump Shaker Records, so y’all know what to do. Let’s show these Aussies that Bushwick’s got back. BEATSLAPPAZ - Rump Shaker Records - Perth, Australia (What?!?) NATE DARK - Bangarang, Philadelphia TEKTITE - Vitamin B, Blackbird Squadron - Brooklyn TIM THE ENCHANTER - Vitamin B - Brooklyn BARNEY ILLER - Vitamin B , Mischief - Brooklyn Sexy side room action curated by Fleeting Dream DJ Tinseltown - Thunder Gumbo, Party Foul 5000 - Brooklyn Eric Wallace - PEX, Blackbird Squadron - Brooklyn Adi - Fleeting Dream - Brooklyn Stunning body painting by Kirkworx Dupuis from Bodypaint by Mindbending visuals from the inimitable Vj DoctorMojo Presale Tix $10 - $15 $20 at the door 21+ Like our party invites? Check out our Twitter feed for more snarky tidbits, links to our favorite tracks and DJs, and t-shirt and ticket giveaways.
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