Running Wild: Detroit Swindle All Night Long

  • Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets have had quite a run the last few years. From making music for the hell of it, to making tens of thousands of fans all over the world happy with their releases, mixes and perfomances; It’s almost like they appeared out of thin air. With a string of releases on renowned labels like Dirt Crew, Freerange and Tsuba, they've sucker punched the house scene and waved around their 12” scepter to rule them all. Last year their Running Wild terrace party was a stormer and we can't wait to have them back! On March 24th DS will release their debut album called Boxed Out! On this album they collaborated with American soul singer Mayer Hawthorne, UK soul woman Alice Russell and Berlin-based, Ghanese-Canadian soul singer Sandra Amarie. Boxed Out! - Released on 24.03.14 on Dirt Crew VENUE - Autumn St Studios. With a custom made Martin Audio practical wall of sound, a bids eye view of the Olympic park, and a raw studio feel with a rig for custom lighting production and no sound restrictions, we are know this is the perfect space to showcase the dutch duo! Tickets are very limited and DS only play in London a couple of times annually - Last years Running Wild terrace party with DS sold out well in advance and this will be no different!
  • Running Wild: Detroit Swindle All Night Long - Flyer front
    Running Wild: Detroit Swindle All Night Long - Flyer back