Shapes / Ostgut Ton: Marcel Dettmann, Ryan Elliot, Nick Höppner & More

  • The next edition of Shapes is our Easter Special and it's shaping up to be pretty special. As ardent lovers of techno, we’re very, very pleased indeed to be teaming up with what is arguably the genre’s most influential label: Ostgut Ton. Founded as an in-house label for Berlin’s Berghain, Ostgut Ton’s identity has been shaped by the club’s tight-knit core of residents, for whom it’s a platform to showcase their music to a devout global following. From the sparse, rolling productions of Marcell Dettmann and Tobias. to Ryan Elliott’s bass-driven workouts, O-ton releases sound unmistakably at home within the revered venue, and the label’s commanding reputation has grown in line with Berghain’s notoriety. Despite near-total coverage in the music press and all the associated mythos that stems affiliation to the club and its native label, the collective of artists surrounding Ostgut Ton have by and large retained a dedicated, low key approach to music, and whilst they still regularly descend on Berghain for marathon DJ sets, each of them has cut his or her own distinct path to the world stage. To overstate the talent and dedication of these guys would be pretty much impossible, and we’d like to invite you to join us at Motion on the 18th of April to enjoy it first-hand.
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