Kodex Agency x 100% Silk x No Shame Official Showcase

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    Kim Ann Foxman Palmbomen II - DJ (Beats in Space I Non I Amsterdam I Los Angeles) Magic Touch - DJ (100% Silk I True Romance I Los Angeles) Pompeya - LIVE (No Shame I Moscow) Suzanne Kraft - DJ (Running Back I ESP Institute I Los Angeles) Black Taxi - LIVE (No Shame I New York)
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  • 8-8:45: Black Taxi (live) 9-9:45: Suzanne Kraft (DJ Set) 10-10:45: Pompeya (live) 11-11:45: Kim Ann Foxman (DJ Set) 12-12:45am: Palmbomen II (live) 1am-close: Magic Touch (DJ Set) Kodex, No Shame and 100% Silk are ecstatic to showcase the unruly sounds which define the agency and labels. The showcase mirrors the global ear of its organizers, spanning Russian indie-pop (Pompeya), oddball Balearia from Amsterdam (Palmbomen II), and unique voices from the US dance underground (Ital, Magic Touch and Suzanne Kraft). On the artists: Kim Ann Foxman - DJ (Needwant I DFA I NYC): For the past few years Kim Ann Foxman has been brewing a club cult following across the globe; crisscrossing everywhere from Japan to Cologne and Chicago she’s established herself as one of the most sought after DJs and artists on the house scene. Splitting her time between her home base in New York City’s East Village and her globetrotting schedule she’s released a single, Creature / What You Need as well as a raft of great remixes. She brings her loyal dance followers to the floor with her infectious, soulful DJ sets that intoxicate dance floors everywhere. Palmbomen II - DJ (Non I Amsterdam I Los Angeles): Kai Hugo is Palmbomen, Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist with palette for the peculiar. Following the release of Moon Children through NON Records and inclusion on Kitsuné Maison Compilation 10, 2012 saw the full length debut Night Flight Europa. The LP’s single “Stock” was remixed by Soulwax for the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V. Red Bull Music Academy, which invited Hugo as a participant in 2011, describes his work as “awash with the genetics of German pioneers like Supersempfft and Kraftwerk... [and] filters his love of Italo disco and proto house." Live visuals that include an array of LEDs and lasers complete Palmbomen’s multi-sensory experience. After relocating to Los Angeles, Hugo has begun recording and touring his new solo side project Palmbomen II. The work, which draws more from early 80s house music, will see release later this summer. Magic Touch - DJ (100% Silk I True Romance I Los Angeles): Magic Touch’s ecstatic disco-house is most realized on his new full-length, Palermo House Gang, out now on 100% Silk now. The album’s cast is as inclusive as the spirit of the music, featuring an array of vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and co-producers befriended during his past three years of nearly non-stop international touring: Octo Octa, Newbody, Benny Badge and Sorcerer to name a few. Sustained passport abuse often grizzles some musicians into cynical survivalists, but it seems to have had the opposite effect on Palermo. The record’s eight tracks pump and swing and sweat with an idealism and communal joy rare in today’s landscape of intentionally difficult dance music. Palermo also release “Nothing More”, an outstanding vocal house EP for Tensnake’s True Romance imprint. Pompeya - LIVE (No Shame I Moscow): Drawing inspiration from 70s disco, 80s New Wave and 90s indie rock, Moscow's Pompeya weave vibrant harmonies, melodic synth lines, and punchy guitar riffs to create unabashed pop music. Their debut Tropical quickly brought the group a large amount of popularity in their home country, landing them shows in many of Russia’s largest venues and festivals. After signing with US label No Shame, they released Tropical:Remixed, a collection of remixes featuring Jimmy Edgar, Psychemagik, Fred Falke, and Felix da Housecat. The band has just wrapped up recording sessions for the forthcoming ‘Night EP’, which will be released through No Shame records in April. The EP’s first single is “Satellite”, and which reflects a more space rock feel that reflects the group’s new direction. Suzanne Kraft - DJ (Running Back I ESP Institute I Los Angeles): Young Angeleno dj/producer Suzanne Kraft’s supple, sunny house jams evidence his complete immersion in djing/record collecting/jamming. Kraft’s weekly “Thing of Life” show on Dublab and releases on ESP Institute and Running Back have built his reputation for sublime, tasteful dance music informed by new age, krautrock and other esoteric oddities. SK also finds time to play with LA’s best band, Pharoahs, an analog dance band whose joyful live shows have translated to outstanding records on 100% Silk, Intercoastal Artists and ESP Institute. Black Taxi - LIVE (No Shame I New York) New York City’s Black Taxi pairs anything goes punk ethos with electronic pop sensibilities. Their 2013 release “House of Fire” gained attention from Prefix, MTV and The Burning Ear. Their debut EP Chiaroscuro further embellishes on the band’s left field pop sensibilities, which have been compared to Talking Heads, Cake, and Beck.