Introducing π with Tapirus, Morah & 3.14

  • This is to introduce the new π series, which will attempt to challenge your music taste in the near future. At the moment, π is here as a social media group for the shake of sharing ideas, as well as a party series. Guest of the introductory event of π is Tapirus, the Dutch acid man who will take over the decks of astron.bart on Saturday the 22nd of February for a very special LIVE set. Along with Tapirus, you will also find 3.14 and Morah supporting the night. Tapirus [Midnight Shift, We Are] Once upon a the midst of masked identities, artist pseudonyms and the like, Midnight Shift introduces a creature not even of human form. Tapirus conjures music reflecting the duality of his soul. On one hand, rough and acidic to tell of the terrain of his past. And on the other, pure ethereal sounds borne of another place
  • Introducing π with Tapirus, Morah & 3.14 - Flyer front