Avant Garde with Clockwork, Avatism (Live) & Mind Against

  • Avant-garde music is a term used to characterize music which is thought to be ahead of its time, i.e. containing unique or original elements, or unexplored fusions of different genres. ' As we enter a new and exciting digital age, where technological advances are forever pushing the seamless boundaries of electronic music, it should come as no surprise then that a collective of like-minded musical aficionados endeavours to pioneer an authentic night for London’s electronic music scene. Recognising the importance of the ‘musician behind the machine’, Avant Garde strives to inspire its audiences with romantic encounters with some of electronic music’s most exciting live acts. For this instalment we will be showcasing some of Life and Deaths unsung heroes who will be taking the helm at one of London most revered venues. ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ► Clockwork Clockwork began in late 2010 in London, but in reality was born long before. Francesco Leali spent his youth in training as a classical musician. As his interest in electronic music grew, Francesco decided to harness his conservatory qualifications to foray into the electronic medium, and what began as a hobby became his passion and career. This project manifests itself in two forms. In the studio he is a producer of subtle and melodic techno. Behind the decks he blends booming, moody bass with dark, stripped-down rhythms. As the project took shape, Francesco developed his technique with his former DJ partner Federico Maccherone, but eventually the two parted ways after which Francesco began focussing on his dynamic live sets with his friend and co-worker Avatism. ► Avatism (Live) Thomas did not buy his first vinyl record when he was 10 years old, nor was he born out of the love of two underground jazz musicians. Despite an extremely dull and standard childhood during which he barely learned to play drums, his moody small-room music has been released on labels such as Vakant, Dumb-Unit and Haunt. Much to everyone’s surprise, his recent releases, doom-laced live sets and collaborations have lead him to rise to similar popularity to other artists with more interesting biographies. ► Mind Against Mind Against is a Berlin-based electronic music duo. The project is born in 2011 and in 2012 they recorded and released their first single "Cagliostro" on breakthrough label Life and Death. Through the same imprint, Mind Against released in 2013 their debut EP "Atlant" to critical acclaim. In 2012 and 2013 the duo have also composed several remixes for, amongst others, WhoMadeWho, Art Department, Róisín Murphy, PillowTalk and Avatism on labels such as Kompakt, Cocoon Recordings and aforementioned Life and Death. While heavily influenced from IDM and with clear roots in techno and house, in most of cases their sound can not be easily related to an established genre. ► Rabota (Live) Rabota is quite simply the antithesis to the monotone and a reaction to the regressive. The project is a three hundred and sixty degree live electronic experience spanning the spectrum of house, techno, electronica and beyond. Using a combination of Ableton Push, Akai APC40, Korg Kaoss Pads, Korg Volca Bass and Access Virus TI, Rabota reconstructs live compositions of his own cutting edge music in a moment of sound, never repeated. In the world of electronic performance technology is generally used to make things easier for example, automating mixing. But for Rabota this approach just doesn’t fly as he believes...“Technology should be used to broaden horizons, expand creativity and exponentially increase possibility; playing your own compositions with love and spontaneity is what makes electronic music live for me.” ► Doffa Doffa honed his DJ skills by playing regularly all over the UK for a couple years and found the joy of digging for vinyl gems old and new. Influenced by everything from minimal, garage, driving deep house music and everything in between! Doffa started making music in 2013, with a focus on the dance floor and experimenting with new sonic palettes. His debut release in the ever-growing UK underground dance scene, emerged in June in the form of Paume's 'Infra' earning him the attention from Anjunadeep's A&R team - a mean feat on anyone's first outing!
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  • Avant Garde with Clockwork, Avatism (Live) & Mind Against - Flyer front