Heart Beat #7

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    DJ Cybersnack // Synergy Music Production [GER] Marshall White // Elektron [EC] Pav Parotte // Plastic City, Asia Music [UK] Konka // Heart Beat [FRA]
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  • Eclectic mix of performers, originating from all over the world. Besides either being label honcho, club boss, music producer, these guys all have 2 things in common: # 1. All reside in SE ASIA # 2. Can't wait to play their music for YOU! This episode we move in to Cargo Bar for the 2nd time! Saigon's newest & freshest venue with the best environment + sound; to ramp up for the deepest, darkest and craziest raves! •••••••••••Short bios•••••••••••••• #. Dj Cybersnack-(Snare,Snake) Based out of Hanoi. Until today he is closely connected to the Berlin Music and Club Scene. TECH-HOUSE is the simple description of his sound.(http://www.mixcloud.com/cybersnack) # Marshall White Based out in Manila, His DJ sets as well as his productions remain very eclectic, as he is a firm believer that beauty lies in the ear of the beholder and cannot be confined to a single style tag. (https://soundcloud.com/marshall_white) # Pav Parrotte Based out in Manila since 2006, an uncompromising DJ with more than 20 years under his belt behind the decks. He has built a reputation as one of Manila’s leading underground House and Techno DJs with his dedication to the craft never failing. He strives to deliver a fresh set each and every time he plays and is continuously updating his music library in search of the most exclusive tunes to go into that perfect set. (https://soundcloud.com/pavparrotte) #Konka Who doesnt know Deejay Konka by now?! Based out of Saigon since 2011, our favourite resident DJ, considered our music addicted godfather. (https://soundcloud.com/deejaykonka) Full bios and more information @ http://www.heartbeatsaigon.com
  • Heart Beat #7 - Flyer front