Hijackin - 1st Anniversary

  • If you thought you experienced the versatility & craziness of the Berlin club scene, diving in its boiling Techno & House culture and knowing all of its hidden secrets, think twice. Many of you have probably heard that House Music is a feeling but how many of you have been truly hijacked. It has been exactly one year now that Hijackin’ keep buzzing with its bi-monthly session. A celebration of the inception of House Music when its strong musical backbone was holding it together, tainted of deep Soul, Funk & Disco influences. Jack said House Music is an universal language, spoken and understood by all. Raw & honest grooves delivered by international disciples and local devotees echoing soundscapes of Chicago, Detroit, London or Paris. Jack spoiled you at every party with a savant mixture of highly respected old schoolers & undeniable young talents. And Jack is the one who gives you the power to jack your body once again. Sweat drops will peel the ceiling of the Butzke thanks to the ones that saw it all for the last 2 decades: the Frenchitude of the unveiled classics by Jeremy Underground Paris, the British father of Voodoo Ray, A Guy Called Gerald or the Belgian funkiness of the vinyl collection of Room With A View's Dairmount. And who will give you the power to do the snake and walk your body? The heritage, the new deal, the youngblood : Melbourne's Francis Inferno Orchestra, Warsaw's SLG, London's Wbeeza & Malaga's Carlo will all preach the Holy Groove. Without forgetting the Berlin funkateers: Get Deep's Charlie Smooth & Xing, the Geradehaus Crew and the inseparable Local Talkers Oliver Gehrmann, Xaver Hirsch & Tim Vitá. Let there be House, Happy Birthday little Jackers! Underground Paris (My Love Is Underground) A Guy Called Gerald (live) (UK) Wbeeza (live) (Third Ear, pFlymusic) Francis Inferno Orchestra (Voyeurhythm, Let's Play House) SLG (live) (Studio Barnhus, Pets) Dairmount (Room With A View, Freerange) Carlo (live) (Neovinyl, Good Ratio Music) Charlie Smooth (Get Deep, Kleine Reise Records) Xing (Get Deep, About Blank) Geradehaus Crew (Moon & Mann) Oliver Gehrmann (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen) Xaver Hirsch (Local Talk, One Offs) Tim Vitá (Local Talk, Freude am Tanzen) All Jacks together!
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