Lost Baggage feat. Yousef, Paul Ritch & The Canyons

  • <b>WE ARE NOT MUCH BUT WE ARE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b> Yes?.. THE BAGAAAAJ turns ONE this OCTOBER LONG WEEKEND So all our favourite Chicas Y Caballeros, if there is one Baggage THOU SHALT NOT MISS, it's this one!!!!!!!!?? Roll right Up Roll right Up .. CIRCO BAGAAAAJOS ESTA AQUI!!!!! It's a a a Long Weeeeekend in Sydneeeeyyy and nowhere else in Australia, we are doing <b>a very SPECIAL SUNDAY NIGHT SLAMMER with a CIRCUS TWIST?...</b> <i>Da rum daaaaaaaa!!!!!! Enter freaky circus images and creepy circus music here?......</i> Dig deep in to your wardrobe?. Dig out dem clown heads, merry go round horses & all the face paint u can muster up. We want to see some serious colour at our 1ST birthday?? Expect to see some Trippy Trapeze antics, freaky fruit flies, cocky clowns and all manner of Circus Flare. This is NOT one you want to miss. Get ur skank on for some serious horseplay To celebrate this MOMENTUS occasion of turning 1, we have brought together the creme de le creme of the Baggage residents including Emerson Todd and Murat Kilic, as well as the ever enduring John Devecchis and the lovely Virginia Le. The disco boys will be up to there usual antics and also have a very very special Suprise guest who we may not name ... dont ask us either cos we aint telling .... Aside from that have imported 2 of the world's finest DJs from 2 places that have a historic love affair! <b>YOUSEF</b> our dear friend is back - after playing at the 1st Baggage we felt it only right to get the true Circus man back for our birthday .... and on Debut in Australia we are fortunate enough to have the VERY VERY VERY talented Messiur <b>PAUL RITCH</b> giving us Baggage Losties what we love most .. some dirty deep Techno ... mmmmmmmmm we like <b>LOST COSTNESS</b> $30 (presale) $5 off for guest list. Industry tools usually get in free or a discount. If you can convince us that you are doing something cool that has some bartering power then maybe our very splendid elegant temptresses at the door, Barbara or Zhenya might consider some barter induced discount........u better be good <b>LOST ADDRESS</b> The Cross Nite Club (Above the Bourbon) 24 Darlo Rd, King¹s Cross <b>YOUSEF (Circus) www.myspace.com/yousefcircus</b> Reputation is a wonderful thing. It’s certainly something Liverpool DJ/Producer Yousef has come accustomed too, carving his own legacy across the global electronica circuit for close on a decade. Yousef was first bitten by the acid house bug at the legendary rave metropolis “Shelly’s” in 1991 and since then has grabbed the global industry by the scruff of the neck, forcing his way in through sheer talent and determination. Residencies at Ministry of Sound, Renaissance and most notably Cream, cemented the scouse empire with a love of house at a point where trance began to rule clubland. Yousef then went on to conquer the rest of the UK taking his infallible understanding of house to Basics, Pressure, Shindig and every other top UK club. The rest of the world followed with Yousef skipping across continents with the same glee as the snapping beats in the music he played. Booked in the world’s best clubs on a regular basis, Yousef quickly became synonymous as one of dance music’s global figures, a position he still holds to great acclaim. <b>PAUL RITCH (Quartz) www.myspace.com/paulritch</b> Paul Ritch took the minimal scene by storm last year. After no more than a year after his first release, the young Parisian had already played top clubs such as City Hall Barcelona, Fuse Brussels, Goa and had released tracks on Get Physical, Resopal and Minisketch as well as on Kickboxer under his Handicraft alias. Right now one of Richie Hawtin's favourite artists, his very popular 'Winter Ceremony' track on Resopal not only found its way to the front of Richie's record box but at the M_nus party in May ripped the La Foret venue apart when he dropped it four tracks into his set. Other fans of his productions include some of todays hottest DJs and producers: Anja Schneider, Adam Beyer, Dan Ghenacia, Jona, DJ T, M.A.N.D.Y., Davide Squillace, Martin Eyerer, Marko Nastic and DJ Misjah. With his still momentum gathering 'Winter Ceremony EP’ on Resopal Red and ‘Fortuna’ track on the ‘Get Physical Miami Sampler’ plus two releases forthcoming on Get Physical, Paul is looking more and more like the future hero: his sparse, intricate, funky, latin-influenced & electro-led alike, pacy rhythms are helping lead the evolution of minimal towards some seriously fun territory. !!!!!!! GET YOUR OUTFITS AT FANCY SHMANCY !!!!! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753015501&hiq=fancy&refurl=http%3A% <b>The Circus is coming to town!</b> Full line-up..... <b>MAIN ROOM</b> YOUSEF (circus) 3hr set! MURAT (beef) John Devecchis SPECIAL GUEST <b>BUMP LOUNGE</b> PAUL RITCH (quartz) LIVE EMERSON TODD (dirtybird) Ben Korbel (We Love) Bump DJs vs Rob Zobec Virginia Le (Mel) <b>DISCO BUNKER</b> THE CANYONS (hole in the sky) Disco not Disco James Stenner (better days) Sylvio (paradise lost)
  • Lost Baggage feat. Yousef, Paul Ritch & The Canyons - Flyer front
    Lost Baggage feat. Yousef, Paul Ritch & The Canyons - Flyer back