Monday Social

  • Join the Android Cartel along with Convert, and Freddy B as they throw down a massive night of good music to get your week into gear. ... From its days at the late, great Louis XIV to its present location at The Nacional in Hollywood, the Monday Social has always been regarded as an "institution" within the LA dance music community. In a town where th eaverage life span of clubs is measured not in months but in weeks, the Monday Social has pulled off nothing less than a show business miracle, with an amazing run of more than 600 nights throughout 12 years of history, making it the longest running night out in Los Angeles, period. The secret of it's success is the distinct air of non-exclusivity, carefully cultivated by its creators and resident dj / promoters, The Bud Brothers, Freddy Be and Mick Cole. Originally established in June of 1996, the Monday Night Social quickly became a staple for undergroudn dance culture combining the sociability and hassle-free vibes of the bar scene with the musical and technical standards associated with clubs: world renowned DJ's, leftfield groovers, and upfront party beats on a top of the line Turbo Sound System. Over the years the Monday Social has played the intimate host for some of the worlds most famous DJs and producers, from the early years at legenday Louis XIV where the Bud Brothers pioneered the explosive down-tempo scene bringing together historic appearances by the likes of: Coldcut, DJ Food, Mixmaster Morris, Fila Brazillia, Rockers, HiFi, Global Communication, Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, and Propellerheads to the second testament at Las Palmas with world renowned DJs such as: Sander Kleinenberg, Layo & Bushwacka, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman, XPress II, Meat Katie, Elite Force, James Zabeila, Ashley Casselle, James Holden, Adam Freeland, Tarentella & Redanka, Hippe-e & Halo.