Future History with Rory Phillips (Trash/Mixed Fortunes/Durrr)

  • Having been a surprise guest at the Future History launch party alongside Mike Simonetti in 2012 and a special guest last April, Rory's appearances at Future History are becoming a staple in the East London clubbing scene and something not to be missed. In a clubbing climate where so many DJs elect to make their mark by focusing on one particular sound, the capacity to casually drop a set that feels like you’ve soaked up every decade since the 70s sets you apart. This is a hallmark of Rory Phillips’ DJing, and one that he’s successfully been finessing since the days of Trash. Anyone with a grip on clubbing history in London will be fully aware of Rory’s role in that legendary club night alongside Erol Alkan, and it’s an experience that has served him well, with a succession of inter-continental DJing gigs over the last decade. As 2013 came to and end, so did Rory's own night Durrr, with one final roadblock party at London’s XOYO, ushering in the debut of Mixed Fortunes Live. Rory's full band fleshing out the music from the 12" singles series and a light show based around the project’s Crystal Ball motif, illuminating the stage and inviting you to gaze into the future ... This is the return of Rory Phillips at Future History off the back of 2013's sold out show. Tickets will be extremely limited, as such we would advise booking in advance.
  • Future History with Rory Phillips (Trash/Mixed Fortunes/Durrr) - Flyer front