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  • Dancity Festival - Electronic Music Culture DANCITY FESTIVAL ‘08 Dancity festival ’08 is the international festival of electronic music and digital arts in Umbria. It will take place in Foligno (PG) on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th of July in the historic centre of the city, in suggestive locations like Palazzo Trinci’s Court (Chiostro) and the Auditorium complex, that include the Court (Chiostro), the Auditorium and the Underground (Sotterraneo). From 7 pm till late it will follow one another music performances, electronic dance, multimedia installations and video projections. International renown artists, quality music, experimentation. These are main ingredients of the festival, able to link the physical and hedonistic clubbing and dance music aspects with those more intimate and mental of the sound and visual research. The most important names are: Aardvack, Andy Stott, Apparat, Château Flight, Cinnaman, Efdemin, Efterklang, Francesco Tristano, Matias Aguayo, Metùo, Redshape, Sidsel Endresen & Jan Bang. Dancity Festival ’08 is also valorisation of the artistic heritage of Foligno through the use of innovative technologies and artistic and experimental musical languages. All this combined with the collaboration with the most interesting local artistic reality and with the sensibility to the alternative energies and the environmental sustainability, generates “Environmental Utopias” (Le Utopie Ambientali), an on-line project that will develop it self through a short animated film contest, realized with the collaboration of Plasmedia and a photographic exhibit curated by Luca Cingolani and “Sensitorium” a multimedia installation about the environment created by the arts association Viaindustrie (Foligno) and Homework Lab. (Bologna). Dancity Festival’s Guide-Catalogue about environmental sustainability (in collaboration with Viaindustrie), is an energy saving guide, a tool to preserve, that besides giving all the practical information about the event, will give you some important advices to respect the environment in every day life. The attention to social problems goes on thanks to the involvement of Afam with the projection of an informative video regarding drogues addictions and the distribution of material related of sexually transmitted diseases. Whoever will be able to face this themes through the campaign “Precaution is to ask” (La Precauzione è domandare). Private and institutional partners gave a fundamental help in the realization of the event. THE ARTISTIC PROGRAM: Central element of Dancity festival ’08 is the commixture of musical genres with common denominator the use of electronic that follows thought a quality and refined artistic proposal. The evening of Thursday 24th is dedicated to the experimentation, in the gorgeous frame of Palazzo Trinci. The warm voice of Sidsel Endresen, the famous Norwegian artist, will enter in the circuits of Jan Bang’s electronic instrumentation, in a fusion of expanded sound landscapes with a vein of jazz. One of the most important artists in the electronic music panorama, Apparat, which Dancity give a blank cheque, will perform in the first of his actual two projects, an indie-electro live together with his band. The ending is for the Chilean Matias Aguayo, with his characteristic live-dj set, in which meet the elements of dance, singing and South American music, creating warm and sensual atmospheres. The contamination between electronic, acoustic instruments and orchestral arrangements will characterize the performances of Wednesday 25th in the suggestive Court of the Auditorium. The Florentines Metùo will open the evening with an electronic-voice live with accompaniment of viola and cello; special guest of the performance Massimo Ottoni, that real time will shape the sand, on a luminous plain projected behind the musicians, in a poetic modelling of visionary and dreamy realities. Then the orchestral movements and the electronic rhythms that interweave in the exhilarating Efterklang’s show, the eight poly-instrumental band from Denmark, for their unique appointment in Italy along their long tour around Europe and United States. Follows the second Apparat’s performance, he will present his solo project, more dance oriented. His typical idm, techno and melodic sound make dance the audience in all over the world’s festivals. Protagonist of the end of this evening will be the project Château Flight, born from the link of the historic French duo Gilb’r with I:Cube: a live to listen and to dance, a summary of the history of music in which hip hop, electro, funk and soul sonorities are immersed in a flow of high class techno-house. Saturday 26th the electronic music will be presented in all his facet. A revisitation in “classical” style is the performance of Francesco Tristano, the young pianist already acclaimed for his talent all over the world, he will play inside the Auditorium for his Italian prima. The Dutch Cinnaman’s dj set will amaze for the refine sounds, in which soul and beat nuances meet electro sounds; and also for him this performance in Foligno will be the Italian prima. Also from Holland the Aardvack performance, where chicago, house and disco rhytms merge in an eccentric dj set in continuous variation. Unmistakable the style of Andy Stott: the sound of Manchester take shape through techno minimal references, dub-step sounds and fragile melodies. The well known shape, techno, minimal and house accents: all this is Redshape, German talented artist again in Italy after his performances in Roma and Torino. The task to finish is entrusted to Efdemin, one of the most important music producers and dj resident of the Panorama Bar in Berlin: an involving dj set characterized by minimalism, techno-dub sounds and pressing rhythms. www.dancityfestival.com
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