Vision Collector presents John Osborn

  • ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ VISION COLLECTOR We're pleased to welcome Berlin-via-London House/Techno Producer/DJ John Osborn, who for many years now has been making waves in Berlin and across Europe playing in renowned clubs such as Panorama Bar & Tresor. This will be John's debut Irish performance on a night that will also be VC's debut in Tengu Bar. Also on the billing we have Brian McCoy, Cian Byrne Little and Ois Butler Doyle. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | John Osborn | It was in 1993 in John Osborn’s home city of London that he cut his techno teeth. John later moved to Berlin in 1999, and it was here that his dj career started to intensify. John has now been DJ-ing for over 15 years and has crafted a deep dubby, house and techno style which has been turning heads and moving feet on the international circuit. From his well documented sets at Berlin’s Panorama Bar to exquisite podcasts for Get The Curse, mmnmlssgs, Modyfier: Process Series and Little White Earbuds, the world has woken up to his unique sound. In a time when artists rely heavily on productions to steer their DJ careers, the power, groove and intensity of John’s DJ sets have allowed him to have won over the masses without releasing a million mediocre records. In Berlin John has been curating the successful TANSTAAFL label nights that currently find home at Tresor. Dynamic, forward thinking line ups curated by John has made people stand up and pay attention at an international level. John is also a resident at the SUB:STANCE Panorama Bar parties where he has crafted many magical sets, such as the now infamous back to back with SCB plus the recent back to back set with nd_baumecker. John is one of the owners of TANSTAAFL records, run together with his long time partner in crime October and recently added member Eric Cloutier. This label is the first ever Bristol and Berlin based record label, showcasing each city’s rich musical heritage. TANSTAAFL RECORDS first ever release has given John a underground hit with ‘Epoch4′ bouncing of the walls in clubs all over the world. In September 2012 John released his second record on TANSTAAFL RECORDS together with October. October and John will release in late summer of 2013 a new sub label named TANSTAAFL PLANETS with high profile releases from their circle of close artists and friends. The first release is from Skudge’s Elias under his solo alias KEL. Recently John released an acid banger on the SUB:STANCE box set entitled ‘all night long’ to commemorate the closing of the incredible SUB:STANCE parties at Berghain & Panorama Bar. With more releases lined up for TANSTAAFL RECORDS, remixes and the development of the new label TANSTAAFL PLANETS it really is exciting times for an artist with a deep and honest understanding of the dance floor and machine music.
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