Fasma Festival

  • FASMA («φάσμα»~fásma) is the greek word for spectrum, i.e. a condition that can be limited to a specific set of values but can also vary infinitely within a continuum. FASMA festival is a collective attempt to show the prism within which today's music manifests itself. From experimental and noise to dance music and from audio-visual installations to technical workshops, FASMA aims to bridge art, technology, music and culture under one single event. With more than 50 artists from around the world, FASMA presents the latest developments in pioneering artistic creation induced by digital technology, with creativity, quality and artistic diversity as its core concepts. The festival is located in different spots around the historic city center of Athens. FASMA will take place from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March 2014.
  • Fasma Festival - Flyer front