Aturn / #01 with Ray Okpara

  • It's all about music and artistic dance moves / ATURN / is your turn / A= turns into ATURN. With edition #01 it's all about music, artistic dance moves and of course Mobilees Ray Okpara. The cheery Mannheim-Berlin guy joins Fraenzen Texas, who is part of the infamous Dj-Team The Cheapers, Coco Berlin - Captain of Hoppetosses Betriebsfeier and Johannes Fröhlich for a play, a turn and a night full of Tobawuh and Dingding, which is quite necessary - the Dingding. And the Tobawuh too. Deep down by the riverside at Berlins Arena Club on Friday January 17th.
  • Aturn / #01 with Ray Okpara - Flyer front
    Aturn / #01 with Ray Okpara - Flyer back