Resident Advisor night

  • No stages, no barriers, no nonsense—this one’s going to be up close and personal. For our RA off-Sonar party this year, we're going exclusive, betting on quality rather than quantity. Macarena is a dedicated techno club with Funktion One sound catering mostly for in-the-know locals. In fact, Macarena used to be a flamenco club, but even as an electronic venue it still retains some of that same spirit: expect dancing on the chairs, dancing at the bar, and dancing in the toilets. On the bill are three top artists making their exclusive Sonar appearance at the party. Headlining will be Detroit legend <b>Daniel Bell</b>, one of the founders and creators of minimal, and also one of the very best DJs in the business. We’re psyched to be able to showcase Daniel at such an intimate venue—a very rare event indeed. Also appearing are two new talents: Conforce and Martyn are both Dutch, and both make fantastic records. Just 21 years old, <b>Conforce</b> releases Neo-Detroit records on hot labels such as Rush Hour and Millions of Moments. Simply put, he’s a rising star. Finally expect a warm-up from maverick dubstepper <b>Martyn</b>. Although he has roots in drum n bass, these days he’s making Detroit-flavoured techno-dubstep crossovers for the likes of Appleblim’s new Apple Pips imprint and his own label 3024. Martyn is also an impeccable house and techno DJ, too, as his recent sets at Fabric show.
  • Resident Advisor night - Flyer front