Club Ovahdrive

  • This summer at Loose Ends every 3rd Sunday of the month is Club OVAHdrive. Club OVAHdrive is the new antidote to the usual lowest-common-denominator, musical bland-out gay parties… In a series of FREE genre-themed nights, we bring you all things heavier, faster, wider, deeper, weirder and fresher… All that Sydney DJ’s can’t usually get away with and the Muscled Masses simply can’t shuffle and chew to… BUT ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Club OVAHdrive's b2b sets by DJ Matt Vaughan and DJ Meta Etcetera are gonna raise the bar, and each month’s round of OVAHdrive will take you deep into new musical territory: Dec. 15- OVAHVOGUE: We put tha HA into OVAHdrive, and warp tha runway with Bitch-Traxx classix, h.e.a.v.y torqued-out contemporary Ballroom hybrid beats, razor-femme war chants and much much more dahling!… Do you think you can handle it queen? And really bitch, where else you gonna hear a tranny play her Vogue Trap refixes? Mm? chekk out a teaser mix here: Jan. 19- Booty BASS: Set to bring da MASSIV, this round of OVAHdrive comes with the freshest dancefloor killers of the ascendant UK Funky and Bass scenes, drops gems from the rubble of deconstructed Neo-Grime works, and chops up that Sissy Bounce booty sleaze… Come fix ya History with 90’s Jungle and DnB classix and loose ya bakk with hott n hevvy Dancehall Riddims! Sweat out grrl! Feb. 16- All you need is TECHNO: Get yr pre Gay Xmas noise-wash on… From the dense deth-march drones of Berlin to the sexed-up classics of Chicago GhettoTech and Detroit minimalism, exxpect both complexx industrial texture-depths, noisome war-dub stompers and hectic ass-shakers as we lock into machine time! Stay tuned for mini-mix teasers on the DJ META ETC soundcloud before each round! Club OVAHdrive takes over Loose Ends for the 3rd Sunday of each month, hosted by Regrette Etcetera. Did we mention that Club OVAHdrive at Loose Ends is FREE? As it should be. Join the ​Loose Ends ​facebook group: ​and ​Facebook event :
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