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    Philth (Backlash) Robbie Ryan (BigDishGo/515) Conky (jacKit) Giles K (jacKit) Conor Feeney (BigDishGo/515)
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  • jacKit returns to McGruders for it’s now regular monthly workout on Saturday 7th June. We are delighted to welcome one of Dublin’s finest DJs and all-round nice guy Philth (of Backlash fame), who will be on peak-time gaff-wreckage duties on what will be his jacKit debut. Not only have we cunningly convinced him to come down and lash out some whopper tunes for us one the ones and twos, but also to bring his beloved and much-coveted original Roland TB-303 along with him for some serious boogie-time squelchy, wiggly, acidy goodness...... Aciiiieeed baby! Philth (aka Phil Boyle, http://www.philth.ie ) has been around for what seems like an eternity in Dublin's closely-knit clubbing and party scene and made his name in the early noughties as one of the outstanding long-running resident DJs of the now-finished Backlash. Philth was a resident in Backlash from very start in 2003 right up until the last ever Backlash night in December 2007. As well as being part of the Backlash success story, Philth has also supported countless international DJs in some of top venues in Dublin and Ireland over the years, and is certainly no stranger to headline slots himself! As well as DJing and doing it damn well, more recently Philth has been tearing up walls and dance floors alongside Seki as "Philth + Seki" with their ferocious techno and electro-tinged live show. The lads have been taking it easy on the live shows lately from what we gather, but are due to start playing live again as a duo in the very near future with a host of tasty new material. Watch this space it would seem... Supporting the philthy one on the night is one of jacKit’s favourite sons - BigDishGo's Robbie Ryan (http://www.myspace.com/djrobbieryan). We welcome Robbie back to jacKit after his excellent-as-usual set at our highly successful launch party in February earlier this year. Robbie will be serving up his usual brand of finely honed and intricately woven dirty/wonky/fidgety/grinding techno and house. Great! jacKit residents Giles K (http://www.myspace.com/gilesicus) and Conky (http://www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomconky) will be taking a backseat of sorts for this party with both playing early slots for the first time on the same night, simply because they are both ridiculously modest and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with wanting to get stoicously drunk at their own night for a change...... hmmm..... Expect a trademark set of jackin bumpy housey goodness from Giles K, with added deepness (bearing in mind the slot-time!) Following on from Giles K will be Conky who will be dishing up a measured and chuggy blend of minimal techno and broken beats, setting things nicely up for the Robster to let all hell loose no doubt. Kicking things off on the night will be Robbie Ryan's partner-in-crime-in-chief and fellow BigDishGo member Conor Feeney. Mr Feeney is making his jacKit debut for us and will be laying down some disco-infused house beats to get things nicely warmed up for the ensuing gaff wreckage (McGruders management will be absolutely thrilled to hear us use that term no doubt.... only joking lads!) Visuals on the night will be manned live by the ever-popular and talented VJ CoolHandloop (aka Charlie D) - this will be the icing on an already schweet-ass cake folks we can assure you! Chaz has VJ-ed in pretty much every club and every night in Dublin at this stage and then some... Think original/quirky/retro/animated/chic! See http://www.myspace.com/coolhandloop for more info on this up and coming VJ legend! As ever, door tax on the night is only €7 before 11:30pm, and a rather reasonable €10 after. Things will be kicking off at 9pm as usual and don't forget that the brilliant beer garden is open from the word go whether the happy rays are out or not! If you’re new to jacKit and are wondering what all the fuss is about then why not check out our pictures and extremely high-quality videos of all of our previous jacKit parties by clicking on the links below. Or even better just get your ass to this one ? PICTURES: http://picasaweb.google.com/dub.jackit VIDEOS: http://www.dublinscope.com/night_club/mcgruders/mcgruders-jackit/mcgruders-jackit.html (with special thanks to our friends at http://www.dublinscope.com) MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/dubjackit In the meantime, with the jacKit vibe now firmly entrenched as a monthly fixture in our beloved McGruders; don't miss what is going to be an absolute stomper of a party. Bring your smiley faces!
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