Secret Party

  • Venue
    TBA - Toronto
    • To Be Announced
  • Date
    Sat, 24 May 200811pm - till late
  • Attending
    • 1
  • A couple months ago Mike Banasiak bought an industrial building with the intention of converting it into a photography & art studio. Things have been moving along at a frantic pace and now he’s ready to have some friends over to check it out for the very first time. The space is still quite raw but it’s at a perfect point for an old school warehouse party. We’re creating a cozy dance space within the main room, bringing in the new Dynacord sound system, some lights, couches, decorations, a couple crazy DJs and inviting some amazing people to come hang out and get to know each other. There will be a second lounge area to escape the music and have a conversation with a friend and there will be a smoking area at the front of the building. If you want to be able to say that you went to the first party ever at Skye Studio then you can’t miss this one. There’s a $10 cover which will go towards helping us create an intimate vibe. Be there some time after 10pm. Bring a drink and a friend or two. We’ll start things slow and respectful and then get things moving way into the wee hours. The studio is @ 276B Sterling Rd (back building – not the house!). Please be aware that the building is in a residential area. We ask that you maintain a low profile as you come and go to the party.
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