Dualesque Release Party

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    DUALESQUE – Live KALIF - Live Electrosexual - Dj Set YASMIN GATE- Dj Set Felix Thecat -Visuals
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  • KILLERRR is proud to present the release party of DUALESQUE‘s debut single “Uncomplicated”. The single is set to be released on the 27 Dec exclusively on Beatport and the 10 January 2014 in all the other stores, accompanied with remixes from David Carretta (Space Factory, Gigolo Records), Electrosexual (Killerrrec) and Kalif (L.U.X.). And in addition a piano version with a children’s choir. Turbo twin brothers, Manuel and Mario Unterhuber create a wall of hot club noise with fuzzed-out techno beats fused with synthesized vocals.
  • Dualesque Release Party - Flyer front