Leftorama NYE 2014: Roman Flugel & Kiki

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    Roman Flügel (Dial /Live at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt), Kiki (B-Pitch Control, Berlin), Geoffroy Mugwump (Kompakt /Leftorium /International Feel), Dan D (Club Der Visionare, Berlin), DC Salas (Relish /Biologic), Christoph (Libertine Supersport), Prince Off (Leftorium), Thys & Twist (Opus /Audiorama), Vanishing Point (Parallèle /Minimhouse)
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  • Together we are ONE. LEFTORIUM and AUDIORAMA. WE get 2gether to offer you LEFTORAMA, the absolute NYE party at Bazaar From 23.00 till 12:00 we will rock your socks OFF on two floors and with an interstellar dj line-up. Besides Germans superheroes Roman Flügel (Dial/Live at Robert Johnson) & Kiki (B-Pitch Control) headlining, we also have a special treat with the visit from Berlin's Club der Visionaere rezzie Dan D plus a cast of local heroes to run the party craze : Leftorium honchos Geoffroy Mugwump & Prince Off, major new kid on the block DC Salas (Relish, Biologic), Libertine Supersport 's Christoph, crazy couple Thys & Twist and Minimhouse 's Vanishing Point (Parallèle). From dusk till dawn and way beyond, we are ONE. LEFTORIUM + AUDIORAMA present L E F T O R A M A NYE 2 0 1 4 31.12.2013 23:00 / 12:00 2 rooms / 10 DJs 13 hours of music marathon LEFTORIUM room - ROMAN FLÜGEL (Dial/Live at Robert Johnson, Frankfurt) - GEOFFROY MUGWUMP (Kompakt/Leftorium/International Feel) - PRINCE OFF(Leftorium) - DC SALAS (Relish/Biologic) - CHRISTOPH (Libertine Supersport) AUDIORAMA room - KIKI (B-Pitch Control, Berlin) - DAN D (Club Der Visionare, Berlin) - THYS & TWIST (Opus/Audiorama) - VANISHING POINT (Parallèle/Minimhouse) 23:00/12:00 15 euros early bird presale 20 euros at the door 10 euros from 07:00 am
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