Micron Polder Album Launch Party

  • Following the release of their awesome first album Poldermodel, Holland's most exciting techno act make their first Manchester appearance, playing live at Micron. Signed to Shinedoe's Intacto imprint, Polder are part of the highly influential 'Amsterdam Techo Mafia' and move in the same circles as Kabale und Liebe, Bart Skils, Dave Ellesmere and previous Micron guest 2000 and One. They have been tearing festivals apart across Europe and also form part of the Amsterdam 661 collective. Their unique, dubby, jacking techno has been hammered by the likes of Loco Dice, Karotte and Rhadoo. In Poldermodel, David Labeij and Lauhaus have created a very special record which is both resolutely underground yet ridiculously groovy. Micron bring you another Manchester debut for an act on the verge of exploding. You can be sure these guys will be playing to proper turbo massive crowds in Ibiza and the festivals this season (and beyond). With a string of blistering hot singles, EPs and now their album, Polder are on track to rule the world... Catch them in our cheeky little basement for the price of six cans!
  • Micron Polder Album Launch Party - Flyer front