Les Ardentes Day 3

  • But the Ardentes is equally a festival where the quality is a bonus to the quantity. The quality of artists present, the acoustics but also the site itself. Located in the heart of a lush-green park close to the city, the Ardentes is a festival both urban and rural, which provides a large outdoor stage in the Parc Astrid, and two indoor stages in the “Halles des Foires” (Exhibition Halls), where the atmosphere created is sometimes that of an intimate indoor concert, and at other times the heat of a dance event. In addition to this setting and an incomparable atmosphere, which places it amongst the most friendly and enjoyable events in Belgium, the Ardentes strives to conserve the festival atmosphere whilst respecting the principals of ecology and hygiene. Particular attention is equally given to the food available onsite. Located between the two main stages, the Route of Tastes and its dozens of Global stalls offers rich culinary diversity and quality, so it’s the ideal place to take a break between performances, along the Meuse river with its magnificent bordering trees.
  • Les Ardentes Day 3 - Flyer front