Dirtytalk presents Thomas Bullock & Spirit Bear Mezcals

  • Dirtytalk invites you to a Psychedelic Soiree with Mezcal and the exotic sounds & visuals of DJ & mystic: THOMAS BULLOCK. In the '80s, long before our time, Thomas cut his chops playing legendary parties with the Tonka Crew alongside DJ Harvey. He later moved to San Francisco to play parties with Wicked Soundsystem before relocating to New York and starting up his famed Rub N Tug outfit with Eric Duncan. Thomas is also one of the biggest advocates for Mexican spirit, Mezcal, and started a distribution company known as Spirit Bear Mezcals out of the love for the stuff, of which there'll be a selection on the night. In his own words; "DRINK MEZCAL. It will change your life. It did mine. I drank REAL MEZCAL down MEXICO WAY. And then travel other places where no one knew a thing about it. I want to take Mezcal everywhere like I do my records and turn people on, connect em to something great, hand made, with culture and to blow their minds. Mezcal is just like records for me. It's the small run batches, the producers and their families of friends and their stories and neighbourhoods, the fascinating labels that say it all. " Come join us at the Looking Glass, let Thomas be our guide down the rabbit hole, drinking Mezcal all the way !
  • Dirtytalk presents Thomas Bullock & Spirit Bear Mezcals - Flyer front