Stag & Dagger

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    1990s, A Trak, Atlas Sound, Allez Allez DJs, Archie Bronson Outfit, Bang Gang, Baseball Furies , Beef Warehouse DJs, Blue Rose Code, Booji Boy High, Bumblebeez (Australia), Burga Sauce DJs, C90s DJs, Cadence Weapon, Casper C, Cats in Paris, Cheeky Cheeky & The Nose Bleeds, Chik Budo, Christopher D Ashley, Ciara Haidar, cocknbullkid, Cold As Ice DJs, Collapsing Cities (NZ), Crispin Dior, Das Pop, Dead Kids, Diplo, Drums Of Death, Duchess Says (Canada), DJ ELLES, Edward J Hicks, Example, Filthy Dukes, George Lamb & Marc Hughes (BBC 6), Golden Silvers, Greco, Roman Wrestling, Harmonic 313, Hot Chip DJs, Jay Reatard (US), Jill Barber (Canada), Jimmy Edgar (US), Jonathan Jeremiah, Joy Formidable, Kid Harpoon, Laurel Collective, Let's Bitter Cinema, Lord Auch, Lost In Paris DJS, Lovvers, Magic, Wands (US), Magistrates, Michachu, Mira Calix, Moshi Moshi party with surprise guests, Mother Mother (Canada), Munch Munch, Muscles (live), My Ex Boyfriend's Records, Natty, Octopus Project (US), Ok Tokyo, One Deck, Operator Please (Australia), The Oscillation, Personality Crisis, Piers Martin (Coco Disco), pivot, Primary 1, Popular, Pure Groove DJs, Quiet Village, Rod Thomas, Real Ones, Sister, Semifinalists, Simon Rigg (Phonica), Skull Juice, Slow Club, Smoke Fairies, Spinney, Steroid Abuse DJs, Stopmakingme, Ed Banger Records Party, Telepathe (US), The Blisters, The Displacements, The Duke Spirit, The Invisible, The Metros, The Mike Strutter Group, The Moon Music Orchestra, The Mouth, The Pan I Am, The Shoes, The Strange Death Of Liberal England, Times New Viking(France), Tubelord, Turner Cody (US), Wave, Machines, Young & Lost, Zombie Zombie.
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  • East London’s best live music and performance venues come alive on Thursday 15 May 2008 with a diverse mix of over 100 live bands, djs and special guests, including an array of hot new music talents and venues hosted by some of London’s best promoters and labels including Modular, Ed Banger, Young & Lost, Kill 'Em All, Moshi Moshi, Allez Allez, Adventures in the Beetroot Field and Fluokids. A Stag & Dagger wristband will give music fans access to multiple acts playing at over venues in the Shoreditch area, including 93 Feet East, Cargo, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, The Electricity Showrooms, Vibe Bar, Old Blue Last, T Bar, The Macbeth, Favela Chic, East Village, Bar Music Hall, the Slaughtered Lamb, Last Days of Decadence (formerly Ditch Bar) Horse & Groom and St Leonard’s Church. The event will take place over the course of one evening, following the success of music festivals such as Camden Crawl and more recently Rocklands in New Cross. Presented by Adventures in The Beetroot Field and Margaret, in association with VICE Magazine. Full line up (A – Z): 1990s A Trak Atlas Sound Allez Allez DJs Archie Bronson Outfit Bang Gang Baseball Furies Beef Warehouse DJs Blue Rose Code Booji Boy High Bumblebeez (Australia) Burga Sauce DJs C90s DJs Cadence Weapon Casper C Cats in Paris Cheeky Cheeky & The Nose Bleeds Chik Budo Christopher D Ashley Ciara Haidar cocknbullkid Cold As Ice DJs Collapsing Cities (NZ) Crispin Dior Das Pop Dead Kids Diplo Drums of Death Duchess Says (Canada) DJ Elles Edward J Hicks Example Filthy Dukes George Lamb & Marc Hughes (BBC 6) Golden Silvers Greco Roman Wrestling Harmonic 313 Hot Chip DJs Jay Reatard (US) Jill Barber (Canada) Jimmy Edgar (US) Jonathan Jeremiah Joy Formidable Kid Harpoon Laurel Collective Let’s Bitter Cinema Lord Auch Lost In Paris DJS Lovvers Magic Wands (US) Magistrates Metros Michachu Mira Calix Moshi Moshi party with surprise guests Mother Mother (Canada) Munch Munch Muscles (live) My Ex Boyfriend’s Records Natty Octopus Project (US) Ok Tokyo One Deck Operator Please (Australia) The Oscillation Personality Crisis Piers Martin (Coco Disco) Pivot Primary 1 Popular Pure Groove DJs Quiet Village Rod Thomas Real Ones Sister Semifinalists Simon Rigg (Phonica) Skull Juice Slow Club Smoke Fairies Spinney Steroid Abuse DJs Stopmakingme Ed Banger Records Party Telepathe (US) The Blisters The Displacements The Duke Spirit The Invisible The Mike Strutter Group The Moon Music Orchestra The Mouth The Pan I Am The Shoes The Strange Death Of Liberal England Times New Viking (France) Tubelord Turner Cody (US) Wave Machines Young & Lost Zombie Zombie
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