Hidden Agenda presents: Darkside

  • Hidden Agenda proudly presents Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) for their debut Irish performance. The collaboration released one of the best albums of the year this October with their debut "Psychic". A fusion of Nicolas Jaar's lush electronic sounds and Dave Harrington's mesmerising guitar work, they're an incredibly special act with a gripping live show. LIVE SCENOGRAPHY BY CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT www.facebook.com/wearechildrenofthelight Support: High Water Psychic reviews: Pitchfork 9.0 (Best New Music) - "...for the duration of Psychic, everything under the sun is in tune." State.ie 4* - "Psychic is a work of cold beauty; a music stark and dense in its colour; its hue is of a melancholic shade" Irish Times 4* - "A hugely engrossing and highly enjoyable trip to the far side." The Quietus 9/10 - "The sound of Psychic is meticulous and luscious." Consequence Of Sound 9/10 - "It’s an effort that not only highlights both Jaar and Harrington’s individual talents, but also how, together, Darkside can create a work of genius." http://www.darksideusa.com/ http://www.hiddenagendaclub.com
  • Hidden Agenda presents: Darkside - Flyer front