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  • After five years of putting on events around the capital - some big, some small, some fecking tiny - Colony returns to east London for its final bite of the (now crumbling) pie. It's been a rocky ol' ride, with no few moments of doubt and despair, but there's always been a reason to keep going, and when it's come off right (not infrequently over the past 2-3 years), it's been amazing. We've met some fantastic people, hosted some superlative music, and, we hope, made a genuine and meaningful contribution to London's rich, at times bewildering musical tapestry, be it through introducing new sounds to clubbers' ears to challenging the (depressingly commonplace) fixed-genre approach of most nights to simply sticking on big, smelly, dance-or-f*ck-off raves with more smoke pouring up your nostrils than is/should be legally permitted. And now it's time to call it a day, because we feel like it's the right time to do so - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Helping us make a suitably ingracious departure are four of our very closest allies and stone-cold favourite DJs/producers - people we feel truly 'get it', unlike most. Bristolian dub(step)/house/techno futurist and general boss of the UK underground (the man simply IS the UK underground, sayin') is Mr Tom Ford aka Peverelist, whose transmissions via his two deadly Brizzle bass stapes, Punch Drunk and Livity Sound, consistently rank up there with the best of true-school UK club music, and whose commitment to the roots of rave/soundsystem culture is unquestionable. Both as a producer and label owner (Livity is the best thing to happen since electricity), he's streets ahead, forging new sounds and plumbing new rhythmic possibilities, but never losing sight of the dance(floor), nor ever trudging into self-indulgent excess. And he's a great selector, too, as those of you who came down to, for instance, PCM '11 will testify to. There's no man we'd rather have headlining our last rave, plain and simple. Mad respect. Marlon Sterling aka Equinox, meanwhile, is the outright best DJ to have played at Colony, and someone we've been lucky enough to put on on numerous occasions over the years - propping up our three consecutive Summer Raves with guaranteed 1210 fireworks. Whether it's Sci-Wax (his label) style Amen technicalism, good vibes garage-house or pure oldskool breakbeat bizness he's dropping/chopping, he's got skills most of us would give a limb for, and an era-spanning rekkid collection to match. And much like Pev, he's a man whose credentials - and we're *extremely* fussy - we could never call into question - a true UK warrior and a top geeza to boot. Lighters, as ever, are mandatory. Also there since back when, and someone we've had the pleasure of working with on some of our favouritest-ever events, is Scand/Cultivated Electronics head-honcho Sync 24, whose trippy-but-funkin' purist electro first captured our attention years ago and whose productions and label have grown and grown ever since, with work for the likes of Solar One and Electrix under his belt and recent CE contributions from, e.g., J.T.C, Versalife and the man like Carl Finlow. He'll be playing a searing late night live PA for this, destined to stretch THP's F1s haaaardstyle. As will the evening's second (earlier) live performance, from up-and-coming Irish riddimist and proper-close mate S_P_A_C_E_S; with a track out on Bleep's 2012 'Filtered' compo, EE mix action in the bag and some killer material steadily developing, we're delighted to be bringing him in, finally, and we have every faith you're going to dig his shiz. New music has always been integral to Colony, and we're making no exceptions here. Complimenting all that, we'll be holding a night-long record fare for the hugely missed Dave Twomey (aka Tr nch), whose long battle with cancer ended tragically earlier this year but whose immense character and passion for music lives on in the most tangible sense. His Tokyo-based Mariana night was, in many ways, the Colony of Japan, and it wasn't long after meeting him (back when Pendle Coven blasted a non-existent Rhythm Factory crowd for us) that we struck up a serious ol' friendship - one of the strongest to come of this whole crazy endeavour. We'd dearly love to bring him back - but sadly we can't. So instead we'll be selling a shedload of his amazing records (on a 'you name the price' basis) in honour of the great man, with the takings going to a charity of his parents' choice - and his music, we hope, going to the best possible new homes. And there will be a free swig of Buckfast-based Xmas punch on us, too, for those of you who arrive early, no doubt keen to savour every sweet, sad last second of your favourite London clubnight. Or not. We're making this as friendly on the bank balance as possible, with the first fifty heads coming in for free as a thank you for your amazing support over the years, the next lot @ £5, and the rest @ £10 - fair game, right? And it feels fitting to be doing it at The Hive Project, a small east London venue destined, we sincerely hope, for big things, and run by the kinds of people we really click with. Oh yeah, and don't forget about the banging Funktion-One rig, which served us ever-so-well back in September... Do come say goodbye, friends - it'll be most worth your while :-) [-]
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