DE presents Black Pearls, a Night with Cio D'or and Monoloc

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    Cio D'Or (Prologue, Time To Express - Cologne, Germany) Monoloc (CLR - Frankfurt, Germany) Matthew Yeowmans (DE - LA)
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  • Cio D'Or (Prologue - Cologne) Monoloc (CLR - Frankfurt) Matt Yeowmans (Dirty Epic - Los Angeles) Christina (Droid Behavior - Los Angeles) RSVP: *Cio turns to new projects so this could be one of the last times we can host her in the near future. *Monoloc comes to LA for his debut gig. DTLA Private Venue - TBA Funktion One sound Live Visuals Cio D'Or- Speech is silver. No words are needed; tones are her letters, music her expression.It's her way: to live every second of her musical work. She spends days and nights on sound development for her individual creations, DJ sets and mixes, that arise out of an idea, attempting to implement dramatic detail. Currently, she is happily immersed in the following genres: Fluid_ Bleep_ Endlessness_ Acid_ Dub_ Asia_Techno, Dubstep, IDM, Electronica, Ambient, Piano, Orchestral and sometimes deep house. Her music strives towards "infinity", between origin and development. Here, timeless possibilities sounding out from the zeitgeist. With the participation of musical sources, Cio D'Or, mirrors the new in the old and vice versa, immersed in the deep grammar of music - leaving this again and allowing the sounds to live, to resonate now and on through time. Monoloc- Monoloc was born in 1980 in Frankfurt am Main. He first got in touch with the booming electronic music scene of this Techno metropolis at the age of 16 and soon bought his first set of records. Since then, his life has revolved around his ultimate goal; manifestation of his musical vision in the form of dj sets as well as his very own productions. Soon after the commencement of his dj career, Monoloc was already getting booked to play at various clubs throughout Frankfurt. Only a few more years had passed before he purchased his first synthesizers and began working on his own productions. As his music was well received from the get go, he decided to take things to the next level and move his provisional production setup from his basement to a rented, professional studio room in Frankfurt´s artist district, Nordend. Undoubtedly a trend-setting move as Monoloc soon found himself with direct studio neighbors Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji. After a couple of years of establishing a solid neighborly relationship, they discovered how similar their personal tastes actually were and began collaborating on music. The rest is history. Nowadays Chris Liebing actively contributes with the mix-down of Monoloc´s tracks in his own studio while Brian Sanhaji uses his acclaimed mastering skills to polish them right next door. Since 2008, Monoloc is successfully running his own label, Smallroom Music, releasing his unique productions in addition to tracks by other promising or established artists. During the same year, his close relationship with CLR continued to flourish. Now, after releasing many original productions and remixes on various respected labels, Monoloc’s first artist album entitled “Drift” will be released in October 2012 on CLR. During the one-and-a-half yearlong production phase, he has gotten closer than ever to manifesting his original musical vision and with that, is increasingly more in demand as a dj. Monoloc is a musically versatile artist who likes to get lost in his sonic worlds, taking in freely all types of influences from different genres and incorporating them into his productions. In spite of this, his heart beats strongly for Techno –– the heartbeat of his hometown Frankfurt, which has inspired him so generously.
  • DE presents Black Pearls, a Night with Cio D'or and Monoloc - Flyer front
    DE presents Black Pearls, a Night with Cio D'or and Monoloc - Flyer back