Zone Feat. Interplanetary Prophets + Hieroglyphic Being + Unicorn Hard-On

  • Help us celebrate the end of Daylight Savings Time and the launch of ZONE this Saturday with a late one at Brooklyn's Body Actualized Center, featuring a special lighting setup from Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming) and live performances by... INTERPLANETARY PROPHETS (Planet Mu, North American Debut) HIEROGLYPHIC BEING (Mathematics, Alter, +++, Spectral Sound, Soul Jazz) UNICORN HARD-ON (Spectrum Spools) Limited $12 tickets here or RSVP to [email protected] for reduced admission (subject to capacity) ADDITIONAL INFO ON ZONE: ZONE is a new multi-medium, cross-genre collaboration between self-titled magazine and Vivian Host (Star Eyes, Trouble & Bass), with additional support from Shared Shapes, a production and design firm for experimental music, film and theater. CRITICAL INFORMATION ON INTERPLANETARY PROPHETS: "All the hiss, heat and friction you'd hope for...a perfectly unbalanced equation" — Boomkat "A landmark for the recent not-quite-dance renaissance, bringing together two generations of techno saboteurs" — Resident Advisor "This is house music now" — Tiny Mix Tapes "It all works; more than that, it all inspires" — Little White Earbuds "Fresh explorations of cosmic techno’s burgeoning hinterlands" — Juno Plus + HIEROGLYPHIC BEING: "Even in an industry of genre hardliners, futurists, and eccentrics, Hieroglyphic Being's cosmic individuality stands out." — XLR8R "Focused on spewing out ideas and striking sounds, both serious and playful." — Foxy Digitalis + UNICORN HARD-ON: "An experience that is fabulous and sassy, yet utterly pulverizing." — Resident Advisor "An album which you’ll keep reaching for at the end of the night when your half-cut mates come round to keep the party alive. Really good stuff, not just a clever name." — Norman Records