Turbo Records Omnidance Tour

  • Based in Montreal, Canada, Turbo (established by e-music superstar Tiga) has quickly become one of the most exciting labels in dance-music releasing top-notch records by the likes of Boys Noize, Chromeo, Proxy, among others. Turbo marks it's 10 year anniversary in 2008, celebrating a decade of pioneering techno with a global tour which starts in North America. We're thrilled to host the SF party featuring two of Turbo's celebrated phenomenons D.I.M. (LIVE! - Hamburg) and Thomas von Party (DJ - Montreal) along with Kid Hack, Sleazemore and Nisus (theMovement). The mysterious d.i.m. has worked closely with Boys Noize and together they form Puzique. His releases on Turbo have seen him rise out of obscurity and his punishing live set has already blown away huge audiences in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Montpellier on last year's Turbo Europa tour. A slew of new remixes for artists like Midnight Juggernauts and Franz & Shape solidified d.i.m.'s reputation as a stalwart electro banging dance-Panzer capable of shredding out weapons-grade acid and bruising beats. LISTEN HERE to d.i.m. As A&R at Turbo Recordings, Thomas von Party keeps the Turbo family connected and ensures that the steady flow of hits keep coming. He has been a resident DJ at 'Neon' in Montreal since it's beginning in 1998. At 27, he has spent over a decade of his life as a DJ. He's also directed two music videos for Tiga, performed his live marionette dance act on Top of the Pops, for Cirque du Soleil, and has most recently designed and performed the visual show for the Turbo world tour. He hosts and curates the Turbo podcast and has a bag full of all the best Turbo has to offer, and beyond! LISTEN HERE to Thomas von Party $5 supersaver advance tickets onsale now ($2.00 service charge applies) / 10:00pm - after / Open bar from 10:00pm until 11:30pm / 21+ up
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