Be presents with Punks Jump Up Djs, Envelopes, and more

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    Main Room: Punks Jump Up DJs Envelopes (live) Sportsday Megaphone (live) Karoshi Bros (live) Micachu (live) David H DJ Non-Stop Electric Cabaret in The South Gallery: Miss Vicky Butterfly Kitty Bang Bang
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  • Be Presents ...with Punks Jump Up DJs, Envelopes, Sportsday Megaphone, Karoshi Bros and Micachu live PUNKS JUMP UP DJs Joe and David, the part English part Swedish London based duo's rebel sound began in 2002. White leather jackets, ski goggles, Nike trainers, Stussy rings...making our own beat. Dance music is cooking again. Let's do it in a different style. Played by James Murphy, Headman, Erol Alkan, Radio 1, Freeform 5. Remixes include 2006 anthem Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John, Lo Fi Fnk, Gossip, Robyn's UK number 1 smash hit – With Every Heartbeat. Their second 12" Dance To Our Disco is out now on Kitsune. PJU have shared the bill with the likes of Sebastian, Klaxons, Shit Disco, Peaches, Soulwax, Tim Sweeney, Shit Robot, Hot Chip, Rapture, Digitalism. A welcome return to BE! ENVELOPES Envelopes can pride themselves of being certainly the most (and only?) promising band to emerge out of Sweden and France (via York) ever. This is spiky guitar pop at its very very best Pixies, think of ‘Surfer Rosa’ era Pixies crossed with B52’s and you won’t be far off. With their second album, ‘Here Comes the Wind’, the band have clearly taken in all things beloved to them - Yo La Tengo, Os Mutantes, Nico, Bob Hund and Stereolab all spring to mind - distilling them through their own, skewed pop filter to create a sound that reminds you of all your favourite bands, but ultimately sounds like no-one but themselves. Don’t miss them on their only London stop! SPORTSDAY MEGAPHONE Electronic blips and drum machine handclaps combined with rough indierock guitars and vocals with attitude. Sometimes pure electro pop, other times full of raw punk energy, combine elements of several musical styles. Powered by a laptop and an electric guitar, it is hard to imagine such a complex sound is being made by only one (very talented) man. A brilliant EP called "Less and Less" was out last year on Sunday Best records and Londoner SM is currently taking clubland by storm with his minimalist heart renching beats and riffs. KAROSHI BROS Karoshi Bros are… well, brothers Dan and Sam Burt from Newcastle. Remixers of MIA, Maps, and Thieves Like Us, they’ll be debuting on stage in London and mysteriously claim they “are the North East’s answer to Iggy Pop”, although they actually sound more like an acid S-Club 7. It also appears that a très glamorous French lady is singing with them live, which all in all could lead to a few surprises. Oh la la! MICACHU Mica Levi, aka Micachu, makes us envious: not only has she been gifted with a prodigious musical ability that led her to write an orchestral piece for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, but she also writes and produces stunning, experimental pop, or MCs with friends in various grime collectives. Currently doing the rounds is Micachu’s ‘Filthy Friends’ mixtape featuring the likes of Man Like Me, Kwes, Jack Penate, Fields, or Naked & the Boys. Get your hands on it! Plus music from your resident host David H playing New Wave, Electro and Disco in The Main Room. Be presents The Non-Stop Electric Cabaret in The South Gallery, a Rock n Roll burlesque featuring the exquisite Miss Vicky Butterfly and this week's guest Kitty Bang Bang. DJ Bioux provides the perfect musical accompaniment to the evenings performances, spinning a potent mix of 50s Garage, Sleaze and Exotica. All hosted in the harder, better, faster, stronger Proud. This revamped venue is twice the size of the legendary original, and boasts 3 gallery spaces including 8 private stable booths and a 450 capacity live room - all the better for hosting the most beautifully intoxicating parties in town! Reservations: [email protected]
  • Be presents with Punks Jump Up Djs, Envelopes, and more - Flyer front