Emerald City feat. LV, Sully & E.m.m.a

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    512 London
    • 512 Kingsland Road; Dalston; London E8 4AE; United Kingdom
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    Fri, 6 Dec 201322:00 - 06:00
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    • 16
  • We are proud to announce our debut party "Emerald City". Emerald City is night and an opportunity: A space for those involved to play how they like, and the platform to premiere new material. The line-up boasts a collective of artists who, although linked, have all explored different musical directions. LV (Hyperdub) LV, known for the seminal 'Routes' with Joshua Idehen release on Keysound followed by Sebenza on Hyperdub have recently shared a mix exclusively made up of fresh remixes which showcases their signature style, available here: http://www.djbroadcast.nl/podcast/id=840/episode.html. https://soundcloud.com/lvlvlv / https://soundcloud.com/swamimillion SULLY (Keysound, Frijsfo) Sully, whose Keysound album 'Carrier' cemented his status as an artist leading the way in swing and groove has recently turned his attention to jungle, rolling out tunes which stand on their own against the classics, with strong support from Rinse’s Dusk and Blackdown. https://soundcloud.com/sully-harmitage E.M.M.A (Keysound, Wavey Tones) Fresh from releasing Blue Gardens LP earlier this year on Keysound which features collaborations with Rebel MC (Congo Natty) and Sully, E.m.m.a focuses on melodic synth-based mini dramas, referencing genres including UK funky, 2-step, a smidgen of grime and spaghetti westerns. www.soundcloud.com/oiiemma ETCH (Keysound, Soundman Chronicles) Influenced by such crackling vinyls from the likes of Metalheadz to Moving Shadow, Etch serves up his own revitalised take on such inspiration ranging between 130 – 140bpm, following the release of the Boomkat bestseller 'Old School Methods EP' last month on Keysound. https://soundcloud.com/d9kabloowww DJ PARRIS (Soundman Chronicles) Fresh from being featured in Oneman's Solitaire Vol 2 mix (https://soundcloud.com/djoneman99/oneman-solitaire-vol-2) and with a Fabric appearance soon come, Parris has also been featured on the butterz rinse.fm show, crafting a brilliant guestmix. Expect him to be playing straight acetate dubs and vinyl on this night. https://soundcloud.com/parris_dj DLVRY (Loose Synths) DLVRY from the Loose Synths blog camp who throw parties has had DJ support for his own productions from Mumdance and others and occupies a unique space within the 'newer grime' sphere. http://loosesynths.com/
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