A Place Outta Space Feat. Mike Huckaby / Pole (Live) / Thomas Fehlmann / Richard Zepezauer

  • "Silence is music too" Mike Huckaby is presenting a unique set on reel to reel with edited classic tracks by the outstanding jazz composer SUN RA. Sun Ra was one of the pioneers of the afrofuturistic philosophy, claiming that he was one of the 'Angel Race' and not from Earth, but from Saturn. His extensive use of electronic keyboards made him one of the pioneers of electronic music and so-called 'space music,' although his music also touches on the entire history of jazz. This special night is presented by highly dedicated DJs and artists with a particular musical focus: music that seems otherworldly, is experienced spiritually, and sends human signals into eternity. The reduced music by POLE is presented live on this night. It also has an otherworldy appeal, but focuses more the microcosmic structure of music. Every artist on the night is renowned for having a great depth of experience across many styles of music, and all were predestined for this theme. Each artist will present their own interpretation of the theme, and, as a result of their amassed knowledge, you can expect a comprehensive journey through jazz, electronica, dub and exotic space sounds. These cats will turn the Recordloft into a spaceship, there is no doubt about that! link: https://www.facebook.com/events/552111148204141/?fref=ts ----- *************************** Due to the high demand and limited space at Record Loft buying an advance ticket is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! price: 7 euro to get a ticket please send an email to: [email protected] An amount of advance tickets will be available at the Recordloft too! ****************************
  • A Place Outta Space Feat. Mike Huckaby / Pole (Live) / Thomas Fehlmann / Richard Zepezauer - Flyer front