Digital Tsunami: A Sagittariun

  • We are proud to present our guest A Sagittariun, who has recently released a very well received album ‘Dream Ritual’ on his own label ‘Elastic Dreams’. The album has received great feedback and reviews across various electronic music platforms, and has already been nominated as one of ‘Best album of the year’ by Resident Advisor and DJ Mag and others big electronic music platforms! A Sagittariun’s DJ sets range from easy listening sounds to proper pounding techno, which we expect to hear at the party. Check out some of the mixes and reviews below: MIXES: REVIEWS: DMC World - Resident Advisor - Music is 4 Lovers - Robotic Peacock - Plain and Simple 4 Clubbers - All we know about Paul Oneseven is that he was a part of London underground electronic music scene since the early 90’s. But then we discovered his music collection on discogs, which left us speechless. Over 3500 records, and all of them are great! Looking forward to a raw and eclectic set! - Vincenzo Perez is an Italian electronic music producer and DJ. His approach to music is to the tune of experimentation and psychedelia of Pink Floyd and other bands of the past thanks to the musical passion of his father, was later inspired to compose his electronic melodies today - Minimal, House and Techno. - acid, house, techno full moon undergound party.
  • Digital Tsunami: A Sagittariun - Flyer front