Animal Club presents Francois K

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    Francois K. [ Prelude, Wave, Deep Space ] Joe Bickle [ Mallory's, Animal Club ] Cooper Saver [ Far Away ] Heidi [ Locolossus ] Mustafa [ Classic, Azuli ]
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  • Hey buddies, We have a special treat for ya all. If you like to dance to House/Techno/Disco.. you hopefully know who FK is. He's one of the original pillars in modern American dance music. He made the bang in "Go Bang" with his original 12" #5 (Francois K. Mix) in '81. He started a the much needed forum and label known as Wave Music. About Francois K: Born and raised in France, Francois K moved to the United States in 1975 seeking work as a drummer. During that time, the competition to be a drummer at most gigs was very high, so he refocused his efforts in becoming a DJ in underground New York City clubs, around 1976. His career soon skyrocketed, and as a result he quickly made DJing his full-time occupation... He taught himself tape editing and started making disco medleys, some of which are still popular to this day, such as Rare Earth's "Happy Song". He was offered a position doing A&R for the emerging indie record label, "Prelude Records", which allowed him to go into the studio and do remixes. His first remix, "In The Bush" by Musique became a wild success both in clubs and on the radio. It was the first of many remixes that helped Prelude define the sound of New York's dance music, including many memorable songs like "You're The One For Me' by D-Train, and "Beat The Street" by Sharon Redd. In 1982 he had the most number one singles in Billboard's Dance Music Chart, which included his remixes of now-classic songs such as "Situation" by Yazoo, and "Go Bang" by Dinosaur L. During this time he decided to build his own recording studio, Axis Studios, which ironically shared the same building as Studio 54. It quickly turned into a major commercial operation. Due to the pressures of studio work, he had abandoned DJing around 1983 to dedicate himself to recording and mixing full-time, but couldn't stay away from the turntables, and started spinning again in early 1990. The scene had really become much more international, and he quickly was able to start traveling and gaining much exposure overseas, including Japan. He toured Japan, DJ'ing with Larry Levan in the Summer of 1992 (the 'Harmony Tour') right before Levan's death in November of that same year. The demand for his DJ appearances led him to start traveling to many of the best club venues around the world, including London's 'Ministry Of Sound' and 'Fabric', Japan's 'Spacelab Yellow', Ibiza's 'Pacha' and 'Space', as well as Italy's 'Angels Of Love' and many large-scale festivals. By 1995, he decided to start an eclectic independent record label, Wave Music which gave him an outlet for his own creative endeavours, including the FK-EP, as well as signing records by like "We had a Thing" by Abstract Truth & "Entertainment" by Floppy Sounds and a slew of other electronic music releases. Then in 1996, he (along with partner John Davis) became involved in starting what arguably became one of New York's most revered weekly parties, "Body&SOUL" which took place every Sunday afternoon at Club Vinyl (6 Hubert Street), playing along with co-resident DJs Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell and Danny Krivit for a mixed crowd of ecstatic and faithful dancers from all over the world. The 'Body&SOUL' sound, a unique soulful mix of very organic and spiritual dance music grooves, led to the release of a successful compilation series by the same name. In 2002, he also started touring along with Detroit Techno legend Derrick May, playing sets together as the 'Cosmic Twins'. His recent appearances at Berlin's Tresor, Manchester's Sankey's Soap and London's Fabric have helped gain him many younger fans that may not have been aware of his previous work, which in turn led to the 2006 release of his compilation CD entitled 'Frequencies', (Wavetec), which takes the listener on a grand tour of the types of electronic music sounds he has been championing of late, from Electro and Minimal to 'big-room' House and Techno. Kevorkian now tours the world, taking part in many music gatherings, such as the Sónar Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art (Spain), Global Gathering (UK), Exit Festival (Serbia), The Big Chill (UK), Bestival (UK) and Electric Picnic (Ireland). About Joe Bickle: Joe Bickle has been a vital contributor to LA's underground dance music scene for over a decade now. He's The creative force behind "Animal Club" which hosts underground partys in Los Angeles & New York. He is also the brains behind "TrueChord"; a custom soundsystem modeled after the timeless 'Disco stacks' - while incorporating modern components and sound-processing. "TrueChord" provides sound for all the BEST LA undergrounds like "Sublevel","We Own The Night" & "A Club Called Rhonda". Joe is dedicated to bringing people together through quality dance music. His musical selections run fresh, deep & heavy - always squeezing out the sound of tomorrow while paying homage to the past; making him a pivotal force in ushering in the sound that currently hold sway over Los Angeles by showcasing global stalwarts such as Claude Von Stroke, Sammy Dee, Seth Troxler, and M.A.N.D.Y - before they were household names... About DJ Heidi: Heidi Lawden moved from London to Los Angeles a little over 7 years ago to work for an events company as the music/talent booker for clients including The Grammy's, GQ Magazine, Fredericks of Hollywood, Flaunt Magazine and LA Film Fest to name a few. Once her employers and indeed L.A caught wind that she had been working and DJing at some of London and Europe's most prestigious clubs including Ministry Of Sound, Gardening Club, Pacha, Queer Nation, Flying, before her departure, she was invited to play in her adopted hometown. Heidi’s sexy, sophisticated sounds have become sought after and she has turned L.A & the U.S on further to her flawlessly mixed European influenced, Disco tinged, electronic sound whilst garnering a loyal following along the way. Heidi is the DJ of choice for many of Hollywood’s hottest weekly nights and one off warehouse parties, she has in fact played at all five of L.A weekly’s 5 hottest clubs/warehouse of 2013 from Rhonda to Deep. She is a resident at Bar Marmont and at Dan Regan’s new private club Mercy. She is a headlining guest DJ at the hottest after hour warehouse parties as well as having regular residencies in SF and NY. Heidi is now being sought to play Californias key festivals notably Sunset Campout. She is also a featured vocalist on the acclaimed music project "Locussolus", her song ‘Next To You’ is the band’s biggest download on i-tunes. Dance Label "OM" records invited Heidi to record a mix compilation for them, which now streams on their website. Heidi's unique musical style and ability to read a room, as well as her sunny & positive attitude is what keeps clubs and warehouse parties alike all coming back for more. About Cooper Saver: LA’s Cooper Saver is a full time music kid. Having a byline that’s appeared everywhere from The Fader, XLR8R, Magnetic Mag, Anthem and more, Cooper is recognized for a unique blend of pitched down disco and smooth cosmic house. Responsible for writing about all types of music, he’s mainly known for putting the spotlight on new producers and DJs in the local community and beyond. When he’s not interviewing and writing about talent of the past, present and future, Cooper can be found digging in various record stores or in the studio creating his own tracks; ranging from remixes, edits, and original work. Cooper is also the face behind Far Away, a monthly warehouse party and mixtape series that captures the sound of the underground. About Mustafa: DJ, producer and remixer - Mustafa's discography reads like a "who's who" of Dance music's biggest labels: Azuli, Armada, Classic, Ministry of Sound, Om, Subliminal - all releasing works written by the DJ/Producer who's also known by his alter ego's "HARRY KNUCKLES" (Contruction Company) & "4:20" (Classic / Yellorange). Mustafa has topped Dance music charts in the U.K., Italy, Germany, Japan & Australia - His tunes have consistently been featured and heard first on the most popular Dance music mix show on Earth - BBC's "The Essential Mix" - He has a slew of new releases in the works with today's cutting edge artist. A regular DJ fixture of the San Francisco House scene since the mid-nineties, Mustafa relocated to Europe in the Spring of 1999, DJing in clubs across Europe and Asia, while making a second home for himself in Amsterdam, where he's been a resident DJ for the legendary party "Loveland" since 2001. Mustafa also held a coveted DJ residency at Amsterdam’s “Club NL” where he would play from 10pm till 3am every Tuesday night to a packed house. He would end his 2 year residency at “Club NL” in 2006 when he was offered tenor as "Head of Production & Engineering" at San Francisco's acclaimed “Moulton Studios” where he would work side by side with local dance music legends & host iconic recording artists and producers from L.A., New York & Detroit. Over the years, Mustafa has gained a great deal of respect from legendary icons in the Dance music world, demonstrated by his client list, as he's done work for top tier players including: Derrick Carter, Erick Morillo & Tony Humphries. In the winter of 2010, Mustafa moved to Southern California where he started DJing for undergrounds across Los Angeles like "F.A.M.I.L.Y." & "We Own The Night" - He's since been working in the studio with now production partner Scott K on well-received releases like "Box Music vs. Stevie Wonder" - 'As' & the "Time EP" which was released on his "Wharf House" imprint.
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