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    Electronic music with – Jay Kilka (Technique/Leftroom) vs Annie Errez (System), Death on the Balcony (The Dirty Disco/Polaroid), CTMS (tWaDdLe), Foz+Bobby (The Dirty Disco), George Lozarez, Mike Page + Shaun Read Discount: Drinks promo's on the night www.myspace.com/seatsandbeats facebook search for – MindTheGap
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  • *********************************************************************** After a year and a half of partying we are bringing the MindTheGap series to a close with one final blow out! A huge thankyou to everyone who has been involved its been a pleasure! And as the saying goes ‘he who burns brightest, burns shortest’. Hope you all enjoyed it?? We look forward to meeting again soon….maybe in barca?...Adios amigos! *********************************************************************** Jay Kilka ******* Jay Kilka has been an integral part of the music scene for a number of years since he opened the now legendary loop music record shop in the corn exchange. Now though he is one of the resident dj's and promoters of 'Technique' at the Warehouse where he has recently played alongside Richie Hawtin & Luciano. AS well as this he has played all around the uk in venues such as T-bar in London with the likes of Luke Solomon, Rob Mello and Mark Hemming to name but a few. He is also boss of Loft records and is heavily involved with Traffic magazine and the Leftroom record label, so expect a choice selection from someone who knows! Annie Errez *********** Annie’s first foray into the world of music saw her take the shape of a classically trained vocalist performing extensively across Europe and the United States by the age of 16. Having spent much of her youth in a nomadic fashion, Annie eventually settled in Leeds, UK, and continued to explore her musical roots via underground electronic music and began djing in 2001. Her pro-activity within the scene and unique sound soon led Annie to prominence within electronic music circles as one of the co-founders and resident dj of the now defunct underground electroclash club, Van der Graf. Here Annie found a platform to push a bold, new sound and brought fresh talent such as the Mysterymen and Dinky to the area for the first time. After the close of Van der Graf in April 2004, Annie’s sound progressed and she became known for her energetic sets encompassing stripped-back driving techno, electro and even the odd classic rave anthem, leading to regular appearances at UK clubs/nights like Tribal Sessions in Manchester and Superconductor, Northern Light, Technique and Twaddle in Leeds, as well as respected clubs across Europe including the legendary Sala del Cel in Spain, Privilege in Ibiza and C1113 in Riga, alongside the likes of Slam, Rolando, Alexander Robotnick and Dave Clarke. Death on the Balcony ******************* Boast an eclectic blend of house, techno and electronica mixed with influences from 80's electro-pop, indie and new wave. Dotb bring quirky key lines, catchy vocal hooks, hypnotic melodies and shoulder jolting baselines. They are a duo spawned in the same town, Blackpool. Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves met 2 years ago playing at Leeds after party and social That Sunday Thing. Mark (28) and Paul (22) are up and coming dj's and producers who clicked with a passion for 80's electro-pop, new wave, house and techno, and partying and all that, an influence that was to determine the unique style of Dotb. With residencies for The Dirty Disco and Polaroid they have just set up deep techno and electronic label Slow Release with recent signing to isthisalabel? And Spinitch. They’ve come a long way since receiving support from international DJ's Hernan Cattaneo, Jo Jo de Freq, Caged Baby and the infamous Dave Beer also among well known local talent such as Jay Kilka (Leftroom, Loft, Technique) Joe Morris (Polaroid) and A man called Foz (The Dirty Disco), Annie Errez. CTMS ****** "CTMS" were formed when two like minded individuals (Christian Maiden and Tim Stone) came together in a lap dancing club in Leeds and yes they were there for business reasons (honestly). Both having a passion for music and DJing it was an obvious natural progression that they would eventually start playing and making music together, however they came across a problem with what to name themselves as many options were being banded around but none of them seemed to grab the attention or stick, until one night whilst one of the members was riding a horse around The Northern Light in Leeds it suddenly came to him "We Spanked The Disco Bitch" thus getting him to gallop up to the other member and tell them or rather get their seal of approval and from then on the name sucked so they decided to scrap it and call themselves CTMS!!!!!! Ha Ha After a year and a half of practising and wondering around record shops together they felt it was about time to get people listening too what they could do more to follow................. CTMS have already played alongside the likes of Andre Cromm/ Lee Mortimer/Matt Tolfrey/DNCN/Bigger Than Jesus/Tom Ellis/Annie Errez/Frenchy/Joe Morris/Jay Kilka/Death On The Balcony and many more to come.
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