Red Sky presents: Bakermat Live + Tube & Berger + Claptone

  • RED SKY: a new series of events showcasing some of the worlds most influential Artists. RED SKY pieces together totally unique lineups and production concepts in order to create the most exciting shows. For the Pre Show to their UK TOUR 2014 BAKERMAT INVITES 2 OF THE WORLDS MOST INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS TO JOIN ON THE STAGE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!! BAKERMAT LIVE! After a total roadblock event earlier on in the year, Bakermat are back for their 2nd ever visit to England For the Pre Show to their UK TOUR 2014. Bakermat is one of the rising stars of 2013 and undoubtably producing "The sound Of The Summer"! With his new take on the classic sound of house music he immediately captured the hearts of a wide audience and has subsequently tripled in global popularity in the last 6 months. Bakermat’s biggest success to date is his track “Vandaag” with over 6 millions views on YouTube and months of airplay on national and international radio and television. TUBE & BERGER. Everybody talking about Germany’s Tube & Berger at the moment. Founders of Kittball Records in 2006, they need no real introduction! Producing some of the most influential and popular deep and tech house tracks this year including “Grey Joy” , “Imprint Of Pleasure” and “Lovebreak” it is reason to see why they have been described as being the Largest deep house artists in 2013! CLAPTONE Cloaked under a gold bird like mask, Claptone is a man of mystery. Of course there are countless anonymous DJs hiding behind everything from angry-face cardboard boxes to giant cassette tapes (it’s so hard to tell a headliner apart from a football mascot sometimes). But Claptone takes the enigma game to the next level—not only does he flit around in a gold, pointy bird mask straight out of G-Force: Guardians of Space, he also claims to embed an entire "universe of secrets" into his sounds. Also touted as one of the most influential artists of 2013. Exploited’s Claptone are one of the most mysterious and alluring acts in recent memory, riding high on frequent beatport success, with massive anthems like ‘Cream, ‘Wrong’ and ‘Maximum’ making their way into the biggest djs playlists over the past couple of two years RED SKY Residents: JOLYON SENSEO EMMA SHENKMAN
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  • Red Sky presents: Bakermat Live + Tube & Berger + Claptone - Flyer front
    Red Sky presents: Bakermat Live + Tube & Berger + Claptone - Flyer back