• flashlight - Music of a truly discoid nature.... Not just another theme night but an audio visual excursion at this new refurbished and extremely distinguished venue The Star Of Bethnal Green. You can look forward to a voyage through the many faces of disco and a journey in to deep and dubbed out discoid grooves. This Month we are pleased to Present Johnny Rock one fifth of Music For Freaks' as part of the now legendary Classic Records can boast being a producer’s producer who likes to push the boundaries and break the rules of electronic soul music. Johnny has been a stalwart of the UK house and disco scene since the early 90's and now currently be found behind the counter in Black Market Music Soho. Renowned for his guitar playing skills and his performances with the “Music For Freaks” with partners such as Justin Harris and Luke Solomon, Johnny is an amazing DJ with a vast vocabulary of classic to nu-disco, he is a true gem in the London scene. If that’s not enough he’s a thoroughly nice bloke too! Size Doesn’t Matters’ Simon Kurrage/ Jonny Y and Mr Shiver bring their own brand of West London disco chic to the table whilst Late Night Audios’ Danny Clark and Toby Tobias fire off their big neon disco guns. Expect the unexpected, and immerse your self once a month for a fantastic collaboration of djs, visual artists and like minded curious individuals. Look forward to a sick collection of vintage and modern nuggets to keep both the anoraks and the party people of shore ditch flashed on. C you there….. Friday 2nd May 2008 and 1st Friday every month. Free Before 10pm £5.00 after limited £3. cons. Guest Dj: Jonny Rock (music for freaks) Resident Djs: Toby Tobias Simon Kurrage Danny Clark Mr Shiver Jonny Y Venue: The Star of Bethnal Green 359 Bethnal Green Road Bethnal Green, London E2 6LG Contact: [email protected] [email protected] Phone: Simon Kurrage on 07792 14 55 90
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