Futra presents Cosmin TRG

  • Futra presents ..... Cosmin TRG (50 Weapons) Romania/Berlin Romanian Cosmin TRG now has two albums to his name on Modeselektor's fiercely individual 50 Weapons. The stylistic distance between each is huge, proving him to be a restless producer content only with innovating and exploring, rather than treading the same sonic waters. Veering from rusted, fizzing low frequency techno to more stripped back and melodically advance electronica, the Berlin based artist is also a revered DJ with his own unique voice and a regular and respected guest in clubs and at festivals worldwide. Subversive (Droid Behavior) LA Subversive has been a DJ and part of Droidbehavior since the late 90s. In those times Techno was hard and acts like Surgeon, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer and Regis were pumping out epic tracks. The Detroit, Birmingham and Berlin styles of that era all influenced Subversive and it can be heard in his DJ sets. In the early stages Subversive mixed on three turntables when he had the opportunity. Fast paced mixing, effects and turntable tricks could typically be heard during his sets. Today, Subversive’s mixing has matured into a well developed sound that attempts to bridge the past with the present. He uses software along with hardware synths and turntables in order to create a more unique sound that reflects the future of what Techno can be. Subversive has had the privilege to mix along side some of his respected contemporaries like DJ Bone, Regis, Todd Sines, Surgeon, John Tejada and Fanon Flowers. Ricky Def (Futra) LA Carefully attuned to the established and emergent genres of dance music, Ricky Def draws from house, techno, and UK garage to forge a sound that is as provocative as it is gratifying. A throwback to dj’s a generation ago, Ricky eschews digital artifice to rely on his staggering and coveted collection of vinyl and acetates. A stalwart of the Los Angeles underground since 2006, Ricky Def continues to execute his craft and compel dance floors with his impeccable sound. Mor Elian - LA Originating in Tel Aviv, Mor Elian has been based in LA for the past 8 years. Her style is a fusion of current LA sounds and the techno/house sounds of Berlin and London where she travels to yearly. Mor Elian is on the verge of debuting her first release as a producer, stay tuned as you will hear much more from her very soon. /////////////////////////// Video Screening "Disturbance" by Drumcell & The Automatic Message Dance Perfomance by SOMAVOX SOMAVOX, the Body's Voice, is a dance performance group that incorporates the butoh aesthetic into the performance of modern, contemporary dance. SOMAVOX was born of the collaboration between a group of artists, dancers, musicians, and the underground party scenes of 2000 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii. It has been a revolving door of performers interested in playing the edges between dance and performance art in unusual settings and venues. SOMAVOX has collaborated with Dream Circus Theater, Golden Buddha, and Mystic Family Circus. ///////////////////////// Complex 806 E. Colorado Street Glendale, CA 91205 21+ // $10 pre-sales DOOR: $10 B4 11PM WITH COSTUME / $15 AFTER OR NO COSTUME
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