Rotate Nyc presents Efdemin

  • Rotate NYC proudly presents a DJ and producer responsible for blazing a new artistic trail on decks all over the world. From slow, abstract house he has slowly turned to a more minimal approach without losing his special sense for deepness. Now this unique DJ-Style with its eclectic mix of strict but deeply detailed tracks comes for one night to NYC to bring an exciting glaze of continuous sound. It's time celebrate Efdemin one year after the release of his award winning self titled full-length album on Dial Records in May 2007. It's time to witness work featured on remixes for Dessous, Bpitch, Morris Audio and Aus! Or Brut!. Be there to hear an idea of music and blending abilities that mesh house, minimal and techno. Come. Dance. May 24. more links!
  • Rotate Nyc presents Efdemin - Flyer front
    Rotate Nyc presents Efdemin - Flyer back