Chicago Music Summit

  • "Move Your Body," "(It's) Time to Jack," and "Can You Feel It?" The development of House music is long and varied, from a niche Chicago underground scene 30+ years ago to its influence on mainstream dance music globally today. We’ll walk through that historywith those that were present at some of its pivotal moments in history and explore how it came to dominate commercial club music internationally while maintaining its cultural roots locally. Location: 5th Floor Millennium Park Room Hours: 4-5pm Co‐Moderators: Jozana Sithole, Groove Temple Radio Host and Cordell Johnson, DJ/Promoter Robert Williams, Owner, The Warehouse & Music Box Terry Hunter, DJ/Producer/Remixer & CEO of T's Box Recs Ron Trent, DJ/Producer/Remixer & Owner/CEO at Future Vision Records and Music and Power Darryl Spivey, DJ/Promoter Chip E ‐ DJ/Producer/Remixer & Director of Unusual Suspects: Once Upon a Time in House Music
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