The Snake Pit: Night of The Resurrection

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    Sunny Snake Boy, Two Wrongies, Frank Sanazi, Fance Chance, Idiana Tones, Dj Skum, Beatbox collective, Future Shape of Sound
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  • Hot on the heels of yet another explosive Glastonbury Festival, the infamous Snake Pit, Shangri-La’s very own den of iniquity and sin, invites you to a one-off Resurrection extravaganza in London. Description: Wander into the Snake Pit for a night of immersive theatre, twisted dark cabaret and the burning-hot music as we worship the Snake Goddess from dusk till dawn! The Snake Pit is about throwing yourself into a wild, unhinged visual experience, the most high-caliber aural entertainment, and the fiercest cabaret imaginable. For one evening only Hackney Downs Studios will be transformed into an underworld scene as the Snake Pit crew and performers descend upon London! Once through to the dark side prepare for dangerous debauchery, as sultry fire sirens lure you into the depths of an immersive theatrical atmosphere of low down, dirty music and mystique. At 10pm the Snake Goddess herself will be summoned for a ceremony of devilry and decadence. The music to accompany such sights will be suitably filthy, with basslines aplenty served by a crew of Snake Pit DJs and the finest live acts. The Night of The Resurrection: the ultimate immersive festival experience but with proper toilets and your own bed at the end of the night! **Line Up** *The Snake Pit Graveyard* - Wander through an immersive theatrical landscape populated with the the kind of characters you’ve had nightmares about *The Desk of Judgement* - Confess your sins and be damned to repeat them! *Future Shape of Sound* - Space Age Gangster Soul, with a dash of retro post neo futuristic blues! *Beatbox Collective* - The top beatbox talent in the UK with a mind blowing, original and unique show *DJ Skum* - A brain achingly good set of bouncy and energetic beats *Indiana Tones* - Raiding the lost ark for heavy bass and tough beats *The Two Wrongies* - The Double Act who dare to do the dirty *Fancy Chance* - The undisputed comic spectacle of the UK burlesque circuit and the best tassel twirler east of the Atlantic. *Frank Sanazi* - The Ubermeister of the Father Lounge *Sunny Snake Boy* - Master of Bellydance, Bhangra and Bollywood styles. Keywords: beatbox, shangri la, glatonbury, immersive, circus, cabaret, burlesque, DJs, theatre, bands, live music
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