• Venue
    • 20 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7XN
  • Date
    Fri, 20 Sep 2013
    21:00 - 03:00
  • Attending
    • 18
  • ̸


    Jon&Leon, (Vague/SLUTDROP) Jae B, (PetFood/SLUTDROP) Stevo-liscious, (SomethinkSounds) Tommy Rawson, Zen Tidy
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  • The Festival season is over, the shakes are still strong, the wristbands are wilting, your bank card is melting, nearly gone are the days of that sun loving feeling... But when the blues are near, there's no need to fear...... SLUTDROP IS HERE! Better and wetter than before. Strictly DISCO /vs/ GARAGE vibez. Let's mix it, flex it, sniff it, wind it, TWERK it, grab it, pull it, twist it.... lick it.... (lick it gooood) then puke it all out later.
  • Slutdrop - Flyer front