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  • After 3 Open parties this year we have a very special 4th and final instalment of 2013 this time at the Rhythm Factory where we aim to finish the year with an almighty bang. House and Techno on the cards and 2 rooms bursting with depth and quality . Room 1 has a distinct influence from Germany, with Marco Zenker & headlining and bringing their unique brands of techno to London. Marco Zenker and have both played at Berghain on a few occasions (they are in fact playing there on the 12th of October) and we look forward to bringing a bit of Berghain to London in November. In addition to this will be making his UK/London debut ....... Im sure will go down in London as well as his fellow Dystopian team members Recondite & Rodhad who have made a serious impact over here . Support will be provided by London based Kontort , Jason Glanville and Open co founder Anthony Campbell In Room 2 we welcome two of our favourite artists from Romania in the form of Vid and Dubsons .They will be headlining and providing us with that characteristic rolling dubby house music . Both are responsible for releasing top quality music that will no doubt be prized weapons in many a vinyl collection. These 2 acts are following in the footsteps of other top Romanian artists like Rhadoo, Raresh & Petre Ispirescu etc. Supporting in room 2 will be talented London DJ/Producer and founder of Toast Underground Steve Kurz along with Open Co founder Frazer Campbell. Marco Zenker Marco was born in Munich in 1988. As a teenager he came true with skateboarding, listening to Roots Reggae, Dub and underground Hip Hop for years. A dj set from his brother Dario in 2006 introduced him to electronic music in a club environment. That night was a turning point in every sense. Marco started to build a studio and to play live. With his young age he has already a substantial row of gigs and releases to show. Everything began with dancing – the love for music and letting yourself go with the crowd in a club. His live sets are accordingly full of energy and rhythm whereby it is of course also always about the live moment. Marco never plays whole pieces – his live sets are always improvised. Over the years the Zenker Brothers developed their own trademark sound. They run the record label Ilian Tape together, dj, play live and produce music together, throw dance jams in Munich and hustle hard in their city. Expect the unexpected. It can also be seen metaphorically that the fall of the Wall just happened in the year of birth of the 23-year-old. It symbolizes, too, the meeting of two forces, two trends which are reflected in the life of the young artist. From House, Dub and Techno of all decades and seasons he creates something that can be called the essence of electronic music. In his DJ-sets, which are deep, last several hours and give you the feeling of being on another planet, he can live his melancholic, introverted side. At the same time, his pulsating mood sweeps are electrifying, which characterize his personality as well as his productions. With the team DYSTOPIAN has he not only found comrades-in-spirit. He has also found a platform of his music style and the possibility of performing on the own shows in Berlin and all over Europe since the last year. Vid Imagine the world as it once was: no pollution, no lab-made synthetic food, a world free from the constant noise of highway traffic and building site bulldozers. It is in this world in which you will find Vid (Vidum) walking about, inspired by the nature and organic life around him – woods, rivers, birds, wind. The Romanian sees these things as a gift – a gift which inspires him to create, produce and write music… Vid (Vidum) aka Sorin Rastoaca draws on these natural and organic things then builds up his own delicate groove layers all in order to get you, and keep you, dancing. The sound is somewhere between micro-house, minimal techno and dubbed-out goodness, and features plenty of great sonic design as well as emotional resonance. So far he has released on respected outlets like Fear of Flying, Barraca Music, Edec and more, whilst international gigs also feature regularly in his diary. Upcoming projects include a collaboration with house hero Andrew Grant as well as Desolat’s leading lady, tINI. Dubsons Dubsons(Vlad&Robert) represents one of the newest project on the underground scene.Despite their age, they started making an own sound with influences from dub,techno,house & detoit.Their first vynil release signed at BodyParts Records was out in October 2012.The prime time side contains two tracks signed by them and the other was signed by their russian friend Stab9.The record received big support from the crowd, reaching 3rd place on Juno Bestsellers.You can hear their innovative sound in mixes from dj’s like: Rhadoo,Raresh,Marco Carola,Richie Hawtin,a:rpia:r,Nima Gorji,John Digweed,Carl Cox,Cezar,Praslea,Gescu,Kozo,Chris Tietjen,Valentino Kanzyani,Nastia,.On their last years they have the pleasure to play with Rhadoo,Raresh,Nima Gorji,Federico Molinari,Dash Redkina,and many others.Year 2013, bring for themsome freshvinyl releases and one of the newest collaborations on the Romanian scene with their fellow NuZau. Visuals by Taryn Jo (Prism Dynamics) Prism Dynamics
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