Livity Sound

  • LIVITY SOUND ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY feat Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu b2b all night Livity Sound is the union of Bristol based producers Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu, emerging from the shared desire to define the newer music coming from the ashes of mid-late 2000s dubstep as it's own independent entity: a raw and exploratory strain of UK techno, rooted in dub methods and sound system culture. Since late 2010 their Livity Sound vinyl only label has released a series of vital 12"s by all three producers. Low-key, hand-stamped white labels, with tracks cut loud for optimal sound system use, they contain some of the most exciting and visceral UK dance music of recent years - placing Pev's exquisitely balanced rhythm science alongside Kowton's grime-infused techno and Asusu's atmospheric, percussive club tracks. They have since assembled a live hardware set-up, and forthcoming is a CD compilation which celebrates their collaborative work and presents their sound digitally for the first time. The show at Plastic People sees them DJing b2b all night long in celebration of the launch of their compilation 'Livity Sound' on October 21.