Electric Motel : Smokingroove

  • Electric Motel returns to spice up Bahrain’s underground music scene on May 2nd, as Ohm Records (Dubai) and Torque (Bahrain) team up again to continue the success of the series at Club Seven in the Mishal Hotel. Sponsored by Heineken, the upcoming Electric Motel will feature live electronic-music performers, Jalebee Cartel (India), and UK house pioneers, Smokingroove. Jalebee Cartel has challenged the notion that electronic music is a Western domain by single-handedly putting India on the international EDM map. Composed of five members, Arjun Vagale (laptop, mixing and scratching), Ashvin Mani Sharma (laptop and synths), Ash Roy (vocals and percussions), and G-force Arjun (backing vocals and bass), Jalebee has been taking India by storm for over three years. From individual DJ sets to collective live gigs, producing to composing, the multi-talented group pretty much does it all. And the quality is evident from the international interest it’s amassing. Ashvin, Arjun and Ash were successful independent DJs prior to forming the Cartel, and they bring varied influences to the mixing table. The live act features Jalebee’s own compositions, which are broken up, twisted and served fresh with ethnic sounds thrown in for good measure. But it’s a funky, international sound that’s unlikely to be recognised as Indian. The live element creates an extra edge, one that’s constantly changing and evolving. The result is a deep, dubby sound, overlaid with live vocal harmonies, percussions, drums and tablas. Jalebee’s sound isn’t about neat packaging: it’s about fusing genres to create a raw, electric style of urban electronic music. If Jalebee’s live act and DJ sets account for one half of its success, the other half lies in its globally recognized production skills. The collective’s list of achievements includes composing the MTV Style Awards 2005 “Theme Music”; playing at the Smirnoff Experience Festival (Mumbai) 2005, Lille 3000 (France) 2006 and The Big Chill (Goa) 2007; and sound designing and creating an original soundtrack for the indie film Cherry on Top, which was selected for numerous international film festivals. 2007 was Jalebee’s most massive year yet. Touring across India, the group has performed at the country’s hottest clubs and biggest festivals. Radios from Argentina to Europe to Indonesia feature Jalebee tracks on stations like BBC Radio, Proton Radio, Pulse Radio, Virus (CH), DI FM and Dance Radio GR. Its own monthly show, “Deep Fried Jalebee” on Frisky Radio, brings in over 1,000 listeners. And the group has garnered worldwide acclaim through press in Europe. Smokingroove have been pioneers of the UK House scene for nearly 15 years with their underground house music movement club nights & radio shows, and have continued to lead the way on London's underground radio scene for over ten years on the stations that have spawned most of today's UK talent, including Freek FM, House FM, Unknown FM, London's leading PUSH FM and now plays host to their new bi-weekly residency on the airwaves of Radio 1 UAE, alongside old friend Charl Chaka (Infusion Magazine). Smokingroove have recently also taken London & Dubai by storm, and are set to take over with having a #1 dance music show in the UAE, and now TV exposure with 'The Spin' on City 7 TV presented by Susie. As well as a lengthy career on the airwaves Smokingroove have spent the last few years climbing the ranks of the production ladder with a range of House music Master pieces and releases on Illuminati Records, promising a night full of House music. Electric Motel has built on their success, bringing a variety of highly talented performers and focusing on keeping an atmosphere true to the underground music scene. The event will be hosted at Club Seven in the Mishal Hotel in Manama, on May 2nd, with the doors opening at 10pm and tickets at BD7 for men and BD5 for ladies. For more information about the event, please call (973) 36 070 446, or email Torque at [email protected] Additional information about Electric Motel is also available on www.electricmotel.com and www.torque.to
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